Further evidence that Jeff Stoutland is one of the best Eagles assistants ever hired

Amid controversy and a disappointing stretch of Eagles football, Jeff Stoutland continues to be a treasure.
Jeff Stoutland, Philadelphia Eagles
Jeff Stoutland, Philadelphia Eagles / Steven Ryan/GettyImages

Here's some free advice. Do yourselves a favor. Don't base all of your happiness on what transpires with the Philadelphia Eagles. Don't base your highs and lows on how this team is performing. You're only going to frustrate yourselves more often than not. You're going to have to forgive us for what we're about to say though. We're going to ask you to travel with us back to one of the dark times, but there's some good news. A rose truly grew from the concrete.

Chip Kelly's tenure as the 21st head coach in Eagles history will always be remembered as an abject failure. He did, however, give us a gift. One of his hirings was an offensive line coach, our beloved dean of Jeff Stoutland University.

As Chip Kelly's tenure as Eagles head coach keeps fading from memory, Jeff Stoutland's hire remains one of the franchise's best additions.

It's hard to believe a man that traded LeSean McCoy for Kiko Alonso, a man who also stashed Howie Roseman in an equipment room, could have been responsible for one of the best hirings in franchise history, but he was. Chip Kelly hired Jeff Stoutland as his offensive line coach on February 7th of 2013. It was a decision that was so good, Jeff survived Chip's firing and has since worked for Doug Pederson AND Nick Sirianni.

Jeff's brilliance continues to wow us. After all, among other strokes of genius, he took an Australian rugby player who never played football before 2018, one that didn't know how to put his helmet on, and transformed him into one of the NFL's top left tackles. Recently, the gift that is Jeff Stoutland kept on giving.

Thank one of our favorite NBC Sports Philadelphia mainstays and one of the best to ever do it, Reuben Frank, for sharing an amazing drop. We didn't realize this until he did, but this is pretty doggone cool.

Let that sink in for a second. Jeff Stoutland isn't just a great offensive line coach, Jeff Stoutland is a national treasure.

We acknowledge that the 2024 calendar year didn't get off to the start that many of you hoped it would, from a football standpoint anyway. Hopefully, everything else is well with you. We remind you of the earlier stated advice though. Don't base all of your happiness on wins and losses.

Celebrate the great times. Take the Ls and move on. Love your team, and hang on to the best memories. Jeff Stoutland helps us do all of that.

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