The Good, Bad, and Ugly from Eagles Week 8 win over the Washington Commanders

We weren't treated to the Eagles best performance in Week 8, but Philly eked out a win. In the end, that's all that matters.
D'Andre Swift, Lane Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles
D'Andre Swift, Lane Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles / Patrick Smith/GettyImages
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It's hard to avoid the temptation to dissect what has proven to be a fantastic Eagles football team.

Once the Monday Night Football game wraps, eight weeks of the NFL season will have elapsed. Life is good for the 7-1 Philadelphia Eagles. There's still work to be done though. Yes, two statements that are seemingly contradictory to one another can both be accurate.

Week 8's clash with the hated Commanders was a microcosm of the Eagles' season. They can be dominant at times and frustrating at other junctures. They're almost unstoppable but self-destruct on occasion. They can seemingly move the ball in an unstoppable fashion while failing to stop anyone themselves.

Then again... Maybe that last statement only applies to their games versus the Washington Commanders.

Philly's division rivals racked up more yards on offense. They won the time of possession battle. They turned the ball over one fewer time and produced more first downs. The Eagles earned the win though despite making things tough on themselves, and frankly, that's all that matters.

Philly now shifts its attention to another rival, the 5-2 Dallas Cowboys. Naturally, we'll all be discussing that all week, but before we turn the page, how about one last look at what turned out to be a fantastic game? Here's the good, bad, and ugly of a gritty road win.