The Good, Bad, and Ugly from Eagles Week 8 win over the Washington Commanders

We weren't treated to the Eagles best performance in Week 8, but Philly eked out a win. In the end, that's all that matters.
D'Andre Swift, Lane Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles
D'Andre Swift, Lane Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles / Patrick Smith/GettyImages
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The Ugly: Two turnovers inside the opponent's five-yard line? Really?

Well, this shouldn't shock anyone. Before you decided to open this one up and read it, you probably already made up your mind that had you written this one yourself, you may have placed Philly's ongoing red zone issues in the 'ugly' category anyway.

A second-quarter fumble from inside the Commanders' five-yard line halted a nice-looking Eagles drive. Kenneth Gainwell was the guilty party on that one.

A third-quarter fumble by Jalen Hurts, again from inside Washington's five-yard line, put an ugly bow on an eight-play march (and a few frowns on the faces of Eagles fans).

Philly, after converting four of six red zone trips into touchdowns in Week 7, turned the ball over twice in four trips inside Washington's 20-yard line this past Sunday. There is a bright side to this dilemma though.

Philly's attempts to self-destruct didn't result in a loss. That might be the largest silver lining in one of a handful of grey clouds we bore witness to. That alone is evidence of how powerful this offensive attack can be.

The Birds scored 38 points despite experiencing some difficulty and a few self-inflicted wounds. Admittedly, last Sunday's script isn't how this team wants to attack each week, but as we always say, a win is a win. In the end, that's all that matters.

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