The Good, Bad and Ugly of the Philadelphia Eagles Week 5 'Silence of the Rams'

The Eagles are 5-0 on this young NFL season. Now, that we have all had time to refocus, we examine what was good and what wasn't about their 'Silence of the Rams' in Inglewood.
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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There's much to discuss following the Eagles' humbling of the Rams.

You have no idea how long we have been waiting to use the term 'Silence of the Rams' in a headline. It sounds brilliant, right? Yes.. That's what we thought. Here was the problem. The Philadelphia Eagles don't play the Los Angeles Rams enough.

Their last meeting prior to Week 5's game was September 20th, 2020. The Birds lost that one. It's been a long time since these teams met and Philly pulled off the 'Hollywood Heist' in 2018.

Philadelphia's upset win that season featured guys like Nick Foles, Alshon Jeffery, and Malcolm Jenkins. Sure, the core four was present. Jake Elliott and Dallas Goedert were on the squad, but this Eagles team is different from that season's version, and that's mainly because of what's expected.

The 2018 Birds had to scratch and claw to earn a postseason berth. This year's squad is aiming much higher. They're the hunted. They get everyone's best shot, but anything less than a trip back to football's biggest game will result in disappointment.

Following some rough patches over the first month of action, Week 5's game brought reason to smile. The 'Silence of the Rams' left us all warm and fuzzy. Let's talk specifics before we move on to Week 6 action.