The Good, Bad and Ugly of the Philadelphia Eagles Week 5 'Silence of the Rams'

The Eagles are 5-0 on this young NFL season. Now, that we have all had time to refocus, we examine what was good and what wasn't about their 'Silence of the Rams' in Inglewood.
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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The ugly: Red zone inconsistency continues to be a problem.

We entered Week 5's game asking if the Philadelphia Eagles could be more impressive in the red zone than they had been in weeks past. How do we say this nicely? In two words... well... they weren't.

Despite visiting the red zone by traveling inside the Rams' 20-yard line six times, they only managed to score two touchdowns. Jalen Hurts also threw an interception in the end zone that halted an Eagles drive that probably should have ended with seven points or, at minimum, another red-zone opportunity.

Philly won by nine points, and that's good. This type of performance may not have beaten a better team though.

No one has any issues with how they are executing in short-yardage situations. The Birds are converting on quarterback sneaks more than 90% of the time. Jalen Hurts is maturing. Dallas Goedert, again, had his breakout game.

Jalen Carter is a rookie, and he outperformed the best player in the game at his position, future Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Aaron Donald. As we turn the page, we're satisfied with the win. Keep in mind the fact that Philly traveled across the country.

The next step in the journey takes them to MetLife Stadium to battle the New York Jets. 5-0 is where you want to be after five weeks, but again, this team must be better in the red zone.

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