Grading the Philadelphia Eagles 2023 NFL Draft class one year later

Now that we have had nearly a year to evaluate, we offer grades for the Eagles 2023 draft class.
Jalen Carter, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Carter, Philadelphia Eagles / David Eulitt/GettyImages

We've settled into April. The first few waves of free agency and another Easter holiday are in our rearview mirror. The Philadelphia Eagles and the NFL's other 31 franchises approach the draft. They all have the same plan: get better and hopefully win a Super Bowl.

Some teams are closer than others. Philly seemed to be one of last season's viable contenders, but we all know how things ended. The vibe, however, is beginning to change. There are needs, but the Birds have building blocks. Some are obvious. Others are works in progress

Let's grade the Eagles' 2023 NFL Draft class one year after their selection.

If Philly is to make a serious run, they'll need to find key contributors in the coming NFL Draft. They'll also need their 2023 class to step up to the plate and contribute.

There's some talent in the bunch. It's hard not to be excited. Now that we have had time too evaluate, here's an attempt to grade last season's drafted rookies.

Round 1, 9th selection: Jalen Carter, defensive tackle, Georgia

Jalen Carter is a star in the making, but he hit a rookie wall last season. That happens sometimes, but no one should worry.

There will be no sophomore jinx. Fletcher Cox has retired, and Carter is ready to step into the cleats he left, but we all have to understand that he's still young and learning. As far as grades are concerned however we can't ignore that Jalen fizzled late. Grade: A-

Round 1, 30th selection: Nolan Smith, EDGE, Georgia

The Eagles aren't just hoping that Nolan Smith's selection works out. They need him to prove himself. It's year two now, and Haason Reddick is gone.

Late-round draft choices are gambles. Early-rounders are expected to be valuable and consistent contributors. Smith is the former, and Philly, regardless of the reason, got nothing from the 2023 draft class's 30th overall selection except for some decent special teams work. Grade: C

Round 2, 65th selection: Tyler Steen, offensive lineman, Alabama

Tyler Smith didn't get much playing time in year one but stepped into the starting role versus the Dallas Cowboys in Week 9 and wound up jumping on a fumble that may have saved the game for Philly.

He'll presumably compete for a starting job at right guard this season. We see no reason why he can't win it. Grade B+

Round 3, 66th selection: Sydney Brown, safety, Illinois

Sydney Brown has a few things he needs to work on if he is to become great, but that's okay. He has only seen 14 in-game appearances and six starts.

He'll be fine, but there's a chance he'll miss time at the start of the coming season after suffering a significant injury in the regular-season finale last January. He's a baller and smart. His future is bright. Grade: B+

Round 4, 105th selection: Kelee Ringo, cornerback, Georgia

There were concerns about Kelee Ringo's readiness for professional football. That facemask/pass interference thing in Arlington versus the Dallas Cowboys didn't help in that regard, but to his credit, he settled in nicely.

He'll keep improving and will be ready to answer the call if his team needs him. Rest assured. Sure, Philly's starting cornerbacks are aging, but they have some good young ones waiting in the wings, particularly Ringo. Grade: B+

Round 6, 188th selection: Tanner McKee, quarterback, Stanford

Tanner McKee showed us something during the preseason during one appearance and demonstrated why he was a sixth-round selection in another. That too is okay. His ceiling is probably the third QB on the depth chart. If he plays significant minutes in a game that counts, something truly went wrong.

Though he's an accomplished passer, he gives the Eagles nothing in terms of mobility. Let's be honest. QBs have to be able to move these days. Grade: D

Round 7, 249th selection: Moro Ojomo, defensive tackle, Texas

Well, we knew Moro Ojomo wasn't going to get any playing time. He was staring up at Fletcher Cox, Jalen Carter, Jordan Davis, Milton Williams and others on the depth chart. He was also a seventh-round draft choice, but the more we evaluate him, the more impressed we are.

Ojomo was active eight times last season and played 68 defensive snaps along with another 16 on special teams. Three tackles were the results of his efforts. It's hard to imagine scenarios where his playing time increases, but we'll see. Stranger things have happened. Grade: Incomplete

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