Haason Reddick discusses his Eagles welcome home from Jalen Hurts and two games he circled on the 2023 schedule

Haason Reddick tells Rich Eisen how Jalen Hurts welcomed him to Philly and which games he has scheduled on the Eagles 2023 schedule.
Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles
Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Okay, it's confession time. There are those questions that we all want to ask our favorite Philadelphia Eagles but may forget at the moment or dismiss because we ask ourselves how the interviewee might respond to our line of questioning.

'Is there a teammate you hate?'... 'How did you really feel about that last release?'... More often than not, we refrain for our physical safety or to avoid being labeled as unprofessional.

That doesn't do much for our inquisitive nature, but it keeps athletes who are six-foot-one and 241 pounds from taking things the wrong way.

Have you seen some of these Eagles? These guys are built like refrigerators, and they run the 40-yard dash in five seconds or less. You definitely don't want to tick those guys off. Still, Guys like Haason Reddick seem cool, so every chance you get, there's a desire to pick his brain... And, we take full advantage of the opportunity every time.

Take media night at Super Bowl LVII for instance. We walked right up to the Philly native, and asked him about his sack fantasy, who he would have loved to have pounded to the turf had he been given the opportunity. It turns out he has thought about this before (and Ben Roethlisberger would have been the victim had those two crossed paths), but again, the most important lesson that came out of that is even scary guys can be mad cool.

Recently, the man who should have won the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year trophy (yeah, we're being petty) hung out as a guest on The Rich Eisen Show. As you might imagine, we most certainly gave that one our undivided attention.

Haason Reddick tells Rich Eisen how Jalen Hurts welcomed him to Philly and which games he has scheduled on the Eagles 2023 schedule.

In a sports world that is littered with millions of podcasts and hundreds of outlets that dedicate themselves to covering Eagles content, it can be hard to navigate the terrain. That's why we're here to help. We're going to do you a solid here.

Take a few moments and check out Haason Reddick's recent chat with NFL Network's Rich Eisen. It should only take about 15 minutes to do so. If you're pressed for time, however, again, we're here to help.

The highlights include his story on how Eagles QB1 Jalen Hurts welcomed him to Philly and which teams he's eyeing on the schedule.

We'll be frank. That shouldn't shock anyone. Ask any Birds fan you know, and they'll tell you that they're of a similar theory.

The Philadelphia Eagles visit Arrowhead Stadium to tackle Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 11 on November 20th. The game versus the San Francisco 49ers is a home date, one that will take place in the friendly confines of Lincoln Financial Field on December 3rd in Week 13.

Both Jalen and Haason will have a lot to do with the outcome of both contests. Here's where we stand. You tell us if you agree. QB1 and Reddick won't need help getting motivated, so with that said, we like the Eagles' chances in both contests.

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