Haason Reddick's inner circle joins the conversation about his Eagles exit

The discussions about the Haason Reddick trade aren't ending, and they probably won't.
Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles
Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

As bad as we'd all like to rewrite some past wrongs sometimes, there are instances in which we must acknowledge that what's done is done and you have to live with your decision. Haason Reddick is gone. He isn't returning, but that doesn't mean we aren't still talking about him. Since his trade from the Philadelphia Eagles to the New York Jets, there hasn't been a single Philly news outlet or radio station that hasn't weighed in on whether or not it's the right decision, how it may impact the defense, and, maybe most importantly, whether or not the Birds have the horses to somehow replace his production.

Some say it's foolish to move on from one of the best players on the defensive side of the ball when the defense wasn't that good to begin with. Others like the addition of Bryce Huff and the feeling that comes with the knowledge that by acquiring him and allowing Reddick to walk, Philly's defense has gotten younger.

There are also other theories. One of the more recent comes from Haason's father. He like so many media personalities and radio hosts (listen to replays of 94 WIP-FM's shows last week for reference) can't figure out what Philly was thinking.

Haason Reddick's father, Raymond Matthew, is baffled by the Eagles' decision to trade him.

After a week of banter about the wisdom associated with moving on from Reddick (or the lack thereof). We woke up to more of the same over the weekend. Tim McManus of ESPN spoke with Haason's father, Raymond Matthew.

"I really can't wrap my head around it. I'm baffled like everyone else." Those were the words of Matthew taken from a conversation he had with ESPN. "He outperformed his contract. He just wanted market value. He just wanted the numbers that made sense, which he didn't get... It was a thing where I guess [general manager] Howie Roseman felt that it was better to go that way. It felt awkward. It did."

As stated earlier, what's done is done. Reddick is a Jet now, and nothing is going to change that, but even though we'd like to dismiss every conversation by saying what's done is done, it truly isn't that easy. Expect this to be revisited several times during the regular season.

The trade included conditions. If he can satisfy them, a future third-round pick will be elevated to a selection in the second round, but it makes one wonder. If the belief is Haason can hit the target, why not allow him to do so in Philly where the Eagles could certainly use the help?

If he fails, then, this was a wise decision by the organization. If he balls out, there will be more second-guessing in Eagles land, especially if their pass rush is failing.

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