Haason Reddick is making the Eagles feel even better about trading him

Reddick has been a no-show in New York so far this offseason.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Trading Haason Reddick was a difficult decision for the Eagles. After all, Reddick was an extremely productive player during his two seasons in Philadelphia. He started in all 34 games that he played in for the team and had double-digit sacks in both seasons.

But, Reddick will be 30 later this year, and he was seeking a sizable new contract with the Eagles. So, the team made a business decision and traded him to the New York Jets in exchange for a 2026 third-round pick that could potentially become a second-round pick.

It was a move that surprised some Eagles fans and angered others. However, Reddick's shaky start with the Jets may have those fans signing a different tune. Reddick is still seeking that new contract, now with the Jets. He hasn't received it yet, so he was a no-show at OTAs and he also missed the start of New York's mandatory minicamp.

Did Philly dodge a bullet with Reddick?

Reddick's absence could ultimately become a distraction for the Jets, and a similar situation could have transpired in Philadelphia if he wasn't traded. It's possible that the Eagles really dodged a bullet here.

For what it's worth, Jets coach Robert Saleh doesn't seem especially worried about the situation at this point in time.

“I’m not concerned about Haason Reddick," Saleh said. "I understand everything that’s happening, but at the same time I know that when it comes time to play football, he’s gonna be ready to play football.”

You can't blame Reddick for wanting some long-term security, but you also can't blame the Eagles for moving on from a player if they felt like the juice was no longer worth the squeeze. Reddick has been an extremely productive player over the course of his career, but it's fair to wonder if his best days are behind him. It will be interesting to see how the situation in New York plays out from afar.