Intriguing facts & stats Eagles fans will love seeing ahead of Philly's tussle versus Commanders

We like the Eagles chances in Week 3 versus the Commanders. We also like numbers, particularly a few stats that are related to the contest.
A.J. Brown, Philadelphia Eagles
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Sam Howell is the most-sacked quarterback in the entire NFL, having already met the turf 19 times.

Heaven help Sam Howell in this one. Don't adjust your monitors or the display on your cell phones and tablets. He has already been sacked 19 times. That's tops in the NFL after three weeks.

That includes nine meetings with the turf in Week 3. He was also hit 15 times! That would explain his touchdown-to-interception ratio, three TD passes versus five interceptions thrown. He has also fumbled twice. Somehow he has two game-winning drives on his resume.

The Commanders defense held Josh Allen to a 79.9 passer rating in Week 3 and came up with an interception.

If Philly's offense desires to return to the 'elite' level in 2023, they'll need to consistently gain traction and learn to win in a number of ways. Jalen Hurts is also going to have to get back in sync.

He threw two interceptions in Week 3 and was held to QBR and passer ratings of 62.6 and 71.6 respectively. The road won't get any easier versus the Commanders.

Washington's defense made life difficult for Buffalo Bills star Josh Allen. He was held to 218 yards passing. He threw a TD pass and interception while being held to a 79.9 rating. Allen has been struggling too, but this should still give us an idea of how the Commanders' defense is capable of fairing versus an elite signal-caller.

Here's the good news. We still expect the Eagles to win.

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