Jalen Carter keeps earning rave reviews as the Eagles close their bye week

Jalen Carter's hard work is paying off, and all of the NFL media outlets have noticed.
Jalen Carter, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Carter, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

One day, we're going to grow old. Oh, we'll still be lovers of Philadelphia Eagles football. We just won't see as well, and we'll move around more slowly. Don't fret. It happens to everybody, but here's something you can look forward to. We're certain that we can make you a promise.

One day, we'll sit around, hang out with the grandchildren, and tell them about the time the Chicago Bears passed on Jalen Carter twice during the 2023 NFL Draft and, in essence, gift-wrapped him for the Eagles franchise.

Jalen Carter's ascension continues, and everyone has taken notice.

It's still somewhat hard to believe even though we all saw it happen. Some thought Jalen Carter had the skills and potential to be taken first overall in the most recent selection meeting. We all know why he wasn't. There's no need to revisit the reasons why. We have certainly discussed that enough. We also want to be sensitive.

There was always the belief that Jalen Carter would slide from being potentially the first payer taken in the NFL Draft last April. Most would have refuted theories, however, that Philadelphia could have acquired him simply by trading up one spot from the tenth overall selection to the ninth to land him.

Here we sit. More than half of Philly's regular-season games have been played. The 'Baby Rhino', as Darius Slay calls him, has already established himself as one of the game's top young talents.

It's hard to sneak something like that past fans and the media when one of the NFL's most popular teams is often featured in primetime (and they're winning). The juries and public have spoken. Jalen Carter is a hit. Here's some of what is being said.

Pro Football Focus names Jalen Carter as an early favorite for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

That stat experts over at Pro Football Focus handed out midseason awards during Philly's bye week. Lamar Jackson wins the MVP trophy. Jalen Carter earns the nod for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

"The Eagles have managed Carter's workload, keeping him at 251 snaps through eight games, but he has already shown flashes of the high-level play that made him a top-10 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. Carter has earned an 87.9 PFF pass-rushing grade, registering 29 total pressures, including five sacks, from 204 pass-rushing snaps and adding a forced fumble. It’s unlikely that he’s going to slow down anytime soon based on his usage, so don’t be shocked if he runs away with this award."

Gordon McGuinness

Carter was also PFF's highest-graded rookie after Week 9.

It isn't hard to find Jalen Carter content and join the love fest on YouTube.

Everyone from Pat McAfee to Chris Simms and everyone in between has found their way in front of a microphone to discuss Philly's young phenom, and they've been doing so all season. You'd be wise to check out of some of the content below.

There isn't much that needs to be said after that, is it? Let's make long stories shorter. There aren't many 'sure things' in the NFL, but Jalen Carter is one of them.

We have seen enough to make this next statement with confidence. Barring injuries, he will be one of the best players in all of professional football for a very long time. He has all of the tools to make a few Pro Bowls and leave a huge imprint on a game we all love for many years to come.

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