Jalen Carter must be smiling as Washington ponders a draft-night curveball

Go ahead Washington! Draft Jayden Daniels! We dare you!
Jalen Carter, Jatden Daniels, Philadelphia Eagles news
Jalen Carter, Jatden Daniels, Philadelphia Eagles news / Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/GettyImages

If only Instagram had existed when some of us were peddling around on our tricycles and big wheels. Wait! Was that an admission of old age? While you mull that over, think about this. What might an earlier version of social media meant for all of us as Philadelphia Eagles fans? You see where this is headed, right?

Before we ever used the term 'viral moments', the Birds gave us everything from 107 regular-season starts by Randall Cunningham to a terrorizing run by Reggie White to a 99-yard TD connection thrown by Ron Jaworski to Mike Quick. Could you imagine how many times they might have broken X if social media existed in their day?

Oh well... We guess we'll have to settle for clips of A.J. Brown housing one or a few DeVonta Smith sideline toetaps during the game. While we're on the subject of 'highlight-reel moments, How about that Jalen Carter fellow? He figures to craft several in an Eagles jersey. Heaven knows he has already gotten his feet wet.

The Commanders are pindering a curveball on night one of the NFL Draft, and no one is happier than Jalen Carter.

You've read the mock drafts. You've been listening to the radio and watching all the sports stations. As is the case annually, there's a theory that several quarterbacks could be taken in Round 1. Some even say that the first three selections (owned by the Chicago Bears, Washington Commanders, and New England Patriots) might be exhausted on three quarterbacks.

Washington is interesting, for obvious reasons. No one knows what Philly's divisional rival is thinking. Heck, the Commanders don't even seem to know what they are thinking,

There seem to be rumblings that they might be interested in Drake Maye (UNC) or J.J. McCarthy (Michigan), but they have been linked to former LSU Star Jayden Daniels. What do you think Eagles star Jalen Carter is thinking about that idea?

Carter's Georgia Bulldogs are no strangers to Tik-Tok moments and viral moments. They've been on the wrong side of a few highlights (see DeVonta's walk-off TD), but no one is going to feel any sympathy for the Dawgs given their recent run of success.

Carter knows a lot about that run. His final stint with UGA landed him Unanimous All-American honors, a First-Team All-SEC nod, and the second of two CFP National Championship wins. Along the way, the Bulldogs crossed paths with Daniels' LSU Tigers in the 2022 SEC Championship Game.

And, something viral happened...

We remember it like yesterday. Carter is still getting his feet wet in the NFL, but he's going to be a monster. Trust us. More of the viral moments are coming.

For now, however, more impressing matters are at hand, like determining what Philly might do with its own choice (the 22nd overall selection). Carter was a home run in 2023. Jayden Daniels figures to be another regardless of where he lands. Washington appears to be pondering a draft-night curveball, but the thought of watching Jalen terrorize Daniels for the next ten seasons makes us smile. Something tells us Carter is smiling too.

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