Jalen Hurts offers slightly concerning news as Eagles Wild Card Round game approaches

Philly's QB1 isn't going to be 100% for the Wild Card Round, but no one should panic, at least not yet.

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Weirdly, it feels like two weeks have gone by since we watched our Philadelphia Eagles go belly-up versus the hated New York Giants. Nope! At the time this story was released, it was Thursday afternoon, and that rear-end whooping was just under four days ago.

Perhaps the best news we have heard in a while is this. Philly's Wild Card Round game versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers falls on Monday. That's the final game to be played in Round 1 of the NFL Playoffs which gives our guys, Jalen Hurts included, more time to rest.

Eagles news: Don't panic, but Jalen Hurts didn't throw a football from Sunday night to Thursday afternoon.

Speaking of rest, as we wrap up another workday, everyone's mind is on the most famous middle finger in the City of Brotherly Love. We realize that didn't read very well, but you know what we mean. We shift our attention to QB1.

Jalen Hurts dislocated the middle finger on his throwing hand during Week 18's regular-season finale. He re-entered the game but didn't finish. Thursday, he and head coach Nick Sirianni spoke with select members of the Philly media. QB1 stated that he hadn't thrown a football since Sunday and it was possible that re-entering the game was a mistake. He also stated his finger hurt worse on Monday than it did on Sunday.

Well, that's probably to be expected. That tends to happen with a dislocation once the finger stops moving and one lies down for a night of rest. That doesn't mean we enjoy hearing the news though. Keep in mind the fact that we're discussing his throwing hand.

Jalen participated in Philly's Thursday afternoon practice session and finally threw a few passes for the first time in a few days. A.J. Brown was noticeably absent. Fingers are crossed that both will be ready for game action on Monday. No one has to be reminded that there's a nervous tension resonating in Eagles Nation.

The Eagles were supposed to be better than the Arizona Cardinals, and they weren't, at least not on New Year's Eve. In some ways, the loss to the New York Giants felt worse, much worse. So much was on the line. The loss to the Cards should have galvanized this team, so to see the product we saw in the most recent game was, in a word, distressing.

So, how are we to feel? After witnessing the two most recent losses, it's hard to believe we'll see a better team on the road in a playoff game. Again, let's hope Jalen, A.J., and the rest of the walking wounded can go because we can promise you that they aren't winning anything with Marcus Mariota under center... or in Philly's case, in the shotgun formation with zero motion and zero creativity.

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