Jalen Hurts shares shocking fact about Eagles new offense

Things are about to look different.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles offense is going to look a lot different in 2024. In fact, roughly 95 percent of the team's offense under new coordinator Kellen Moore is new, according to quarterback Jalen Hurts. That's a staggering number, and given the new nature of the playbook, there has been a whole lot of learning involved for Hurts and the rest of the offense this offseason.

“This whole offseason has been about learning,” Hurts said. “You get to a point where you feel comfortable with this, but that time comes when you can rep it, rep it, rep it later on, but right now it’s been a lot of new inventory — the majority of it, probably 95 percent of it being new, it’s just been that process."

A familiar process

Learning a different offense is nothing new for Hurts, who has had to do so several times over the course of his career, both at the collegiate level and professionally. After all, this is the third straight year that the Eagles will enter the season with a new offensive coordinator.

"It's been a fun process because you get to see what works for other people," Hurts added. The number of coaches I’ve had since I’ve been here, I’ve taken in a lot of new knowledge and new understanding.”

After seeing how stale and uninspired Philadelphia's offense looked for much of last season, the fact that they're switching up the playbook is definitely a good thing, and something the players are excited about.

"I think it's going to be great to get a new style of offense," DeVonta Smith said. "Let guys, not have more freedom, but be able to do things that we weren't allowed to do [last year] -- move guys around and things like that."

The Eagles have a ton of talent on the offensive side of the ball heading into the 2024 season, so there's no excuse for the offense not to be explosive. Moving on from last year's vanilla scheme is a step in the right direction.