Jalen Hurts target of possibly worst take ever by former NFL punching bag David Carr

NFL Network mainstay David Carr swings and misses with recent take on the Eagles QB depth chart.
David Carr, Michael Lewis, Philadelphia Eagles
David Carr, Michael Lewis, Philadelphia Eagles / Hunter Martin/GettyImages

As the first quarterback in Houston Texans history, had David Carr enjoyed the protection that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts enjoys, he may have hung around longer there. Instead, he's a mainstay at NFL Network's flagship show, Total Access. There he talks about quarterbacks instead. No one should blame him for that. It's a much safer occupation, and he doesn't have to take the beating he took as a franchise signal-caller.

NFL quarterbacks don't enjoy long careers when they get beaten up, especially if it happens early. Confidence is shaken. The body breaks down. No one knows that better than our Derek Carr's big brother.

David was sacked an NFL record 76 times as a rookie (a record that still stands). He was also introduced to the turf 249 times during his five-year tenure in Houston. Yep! Talking about quarterback play is much safer.

He may want to walk a recent take back though, one involving the top two quarterbacks on the Eagles depth chart. Let's just say this was ugly.

David Carr believes Jalen Hurts should be supplanted as the Eagles starting QB, and the keys should be handed over to Marcus Mariota.

No, this isn't an April Fool's Day joke. This isn't a fire drill. Don't adjust your television sets. There's no need to alter the resolution on your tablets. David Carr truly believes the fate of the Eagles season should rest in the uncertain and untrustworthy hands of Marcus Mariota.

Don't take our word for it. Take a look for yourself.

Okay, before we go any further, David Carr does a great job at TA. Still, we have to call balls and strikes as we see them, and we're at a loss for words here. Like a screen pass to Julio Jones called by Brian Johnson on third-and-long, it's hard to understand what David is seeing here.

Sure, it's live TV. One must think on the fly. It's hard to hit home runs nightly, but this was all-time bad. We can't think of one reason to defend this.

We talked about 'calling them as we see them' earlier. We must do so again for the benefit of those with flash photography. Though Carr may have believed he was knocking one out of the park here, he, instead, struck out on three pitches. Let's just act like we didn't hear this one. How about we move along quicly?

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