Jalen Hurts Week 15 report card: Eagles lose again and their star is taking much of the blame

Here's a deep dive into Jalen Hurts' Week 15 performance following a heartbreaking loss in Seattle.

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Is there a little Carson Wentz in Jalen Hurts? That was one of a few questions that longtime 94 WIP-FM radio personality and former Philadelphia Eagles fullback Jon Ritchie asked on The Morning Show, one of the City of Brotherly Love's favorite A.M. listens. That got us thinking. Jon might be right. We have watched Philly's Week 15 debacle versus the Seattle Seahawks three times now, and we're seeing some of the similarities.

Now, don't hear what isn't being said. Don't read what hasn't been written. Jalen is a better leader than Carson ever was. He's also a better teammate and player, but there's a gunslinger that seemingly wants to introduce himself to all of us.

He's a special talent like Carson was. Yeah, he's injured. That has affected mobility some, but like the man he eventually replaced, Jalen can do some things athletically that some guys can't. Now, he must harness that and work within the confines of structure. He's putting the football in harm's way much too often.

Maybe there's a desire to prove he's worth the extension. No one knows, but this isn't the same guy that we watched ball out last season. In the end, all that matters is the results. Philly hasn't won in December, and some of the blame for this recent loss falls squarely on QB1's doorstep.

Jalen Hurts has the talent to turn things around, but he must do so quickly.

Three games remain. The Eagles have a tremendous opportunity to win out and finish the regular-season campaign with a 13-4 record. Jalen, as expected, will have his opportunities to steady the ship and rebuild some of his confidence. Right nw, he appears to be confused about what he's seeing.

The zip on the ball is still there. He threads the needle at times, but there are too many instances of recklessness.

Worst throw

The decision to go deep to Quez Wakins about halfway through the fourth must be questioned. Philly was in control and had an opportunity to put this game away.

The Eagles defense stopped Seattle on its next offensive drive. Yes, Quez was interfered with on the deep ball, but why make this throw? The next time Quez fights for the ball or does his part to play a little defense and break up a bad throw will be the first time we see him do so.

At this point, it's hard to make sense of why there continues to be a fascination with Number 16. Just throw the ball to Julio Jones or Olamide Zaccheaus if you're looking for a third option at wide receiver.

Jalen's second interception might be his worst of the season so far though.

With 12 seconds remaining and with the Eagles needing about 15-20 yards to get into field goal range, Philly's QB1 gambled and lost big time.

He went deep to A.J. Brown with better options available. There isn't a Birds fan walking that doesn't know how that ended up.


Here's the most concerning part about all of this. EVERYONE knows Jalen wants to go to A.J. Brown in clutch situations. Prior to the snap, he decided where he was going with the ball. He stared down his receiver. You see the result.

Honestly, we stand by the previous statements made. Jalen Hurts can fix this. He's still one of the best signal-callers in the game. He was the leading MVP candidate as late as Week 12 for Heaven's sake.

Still, It also feels like he is trying to prove he's worth the huge extension. He wants to showcase his arm to do so. He isn't seeing the field well. He needs to settle down and trust all of his teammates (except for Quez) a little more than he has been doing.

Final grades:

Accuracy: B
Vision: C
Intangibles: A-
Decision-making: C
Leadership: A+
Overall grade: B- trending towards a C (slightly above average)

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