Jason Kelce's recent announcement suggests he made a wise career decision

Jason Kelce's recent statements about his belief that he has CTE have given us more peace about his decision to move on from football.
Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles
Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

I have no idea what it feels like to step away from a successful NFL career. I was never as good as Jason Kelce. Most of us can say that, right? here's the thing though. I imagine that if I had been, I would have been experiencing many of the same thoughts he did. How do I walk away from something I'm good at? How do I walk away from something I've done since childhood, especially when I'm doing so at a high level?

Just in case you've been living under a rock, one of the most beloved Philadelphia Eagles to ever don the jersey called it a career early in March. He's since been seen just about everywhere.

He's made cameos at WrestleMania. We've heard his television career is expected to start earlier than expected. His and his brother's New Heights podcast could find its way to Amazon. Things are looking up for the legend. As he continues to settle into his life post-football life, a recent decision demonstrates that he may have made a wise decision in terms of timing.

Jason Kelce reveals that he believes he may have CTE.

By now, you've all heard or read Jason's comments about racehorse Secretariat and the backlash he has faced as a result. We won't revisit any of that here for that reason, but here's what we can share. He has apologized. He was sincere. He allowed us into his world as part of the fallout and the discussions that were birthed as a result.

“I mean I can virtually guarantee that I have CTE, all the research would suggest I have some degree of it. I think it is entirely reasonable to assume I have some degree of that pathology.” Those were the words typed by the Eagles legend and placed on social media.

It's statements like these that remind us of something. Sure, these guys are heroes to us in some ways, guys who carry themselves like gladiators in a collision sport, a sport that, as mentioned earlier, we all fell in love with but realized our time playing it would end sooner than we had hoped.

Often, we reduce our heroes to representing points for our Fantasy football team, and we look at them as a Madden rating. When doing so, we forget that they're real people even if we only do so for a second.

CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) is a brain disease. Most of us have been introduced by its effects by watching the post-football lives of NCAA and NFL stars. Damaging blows to the head are the cause, blows that can obviously be the result of snapping a football and making forcible contact with defensive lineman as a career path.

Kelce was one of the best at doing his job, but he left the game seemingly in good health, for the most part. Hearing his recent statement, however, gives us cause to be thankful about something. Thankfully, though the temptation to keep playing (or return post-retirement after Saquon Barkley's signing) had to be heavy, he elected instead to look after himself.

Good for you Jason! Though we enjoyed all 13 seasons of watching you in an Eagles jersey, your health, your beautiful wife, and your daughters must be your priority now.

Take care of yourself. We'll miss you, but the Eagles are going to be fine.

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