Eagles legend Jason Kelce's expected transition into television comes quickly

The G.O.A.T. gets his opportunity which comes as a surprise to no one.
Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles
Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

This is not an exaggeration. We have known Jason Kelce would be great on television for quite some time. We're sure you were aware of the same thing. What we're confused about was when we first had that thought cross our minds. We're talking about a Philadelphia Eagles legend here.

It was definitely before he retired. It had to be. Maybe it wasn't quite as late as the WrestleMania appearance, but it was certainly before the New Heights podcast launched with his brother Travis.

We've seen Jason on NFL Network, Amazon Prime for Thursday Night Football, and as a caricature of himself on an animated Christmas special, but we even knew of his star power before then. Shoot... When was it?

Can we say it was the Super Bowl parade? Yep, it was the Super Bowl parade.

Jason Kelce is expected to join ESPN this season.

We have always loved Jason Kelce, but it was definitely the speech at the victory parade, in a mummers outfit of all things, that put him over the top. He's firmly fixated in rare air among Philly's G.O.A.T.s like Brian Dawkins and Chuck Bednarik.

We have discussed his impending TV career, and look! It has come very quickly. Sources tell The Athletic that he will join ESPN's Monday Night Countdown. ESPN hasn't released a statement at the time of this story's release, but just as we're sure that Jason will never have to buy a beer in Philly again, we're certain his blend of humor and personality will ensure he's a part of that broadcast for years to come.

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