Josh Sweat endorses Nolan Smith, pitches for a permanent switch to Eagles kelly green jersey

Josh Sweat doesn't talk much, but when he does, he's magic. Recently, he shared his thoughts on Nolan Smith and made his pitch for a permanent switch to the kelly green jerseys.
Josh Sweat, Philadelphia Eagles
Josh Sweat, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

He doesn't talk much. When he does, he's always thoughtful about his answers and never gets long-winded, but there's nothing that rivals Josh Sweat taking time to speak with members of the media. Now entering his sixth season in Philadelphia Eagles midnight green, Number 94 ALWAYS gives us something. Following the third practice of training camp, he was all smiles and at it again.

This time, he was making his pitch for a permanent switch from the primary midnight green color the Eagles began wearing in the mid-nineties to the kelly green they wore beforehand. Yep... that same kelly green Philly will rock as their alternate unis in 2023.

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Sweat was one of the models that rocked Philly's new threads for what became a jersey reveal that came two days earlier than we expected. Sadly, from what he says, however, he didn't get to keep his boombox.

"It wasn't mine... They ain't let me keep it. I asked them for it, but you know. I had the best picture though, easily, but you know... The kelly green, they need to be our, like, permanent (primary jersey). You know, we can just wear the black as an alternate, but yeah... the kelly green, that needs to be the main (jersey). "

'Sweaty' says he didn't grow up watching football, so he doesn't have the same recollection of seeing guys like Reggie White and Randall Cunningham run around like the rest of us. He also, however, states the kelly green jerseys are discussed in the locker room often. While his suggestion may not gain traction (the midnight green ensembles are Chairman/CEO Jeffrey Lurie's babies), if he were to start a petition, he most certainly wouldn't have any issues with getting some interested parties to sign on.

Josh Sweat gives Eagles rookie Nolan Smith his seal of approval again.

As mentioned, we don't hear from Sweat often, but we trust what he tells us when he speaks. Here's what that means. If the former Florida State Seminole is becoming a huge fan of Nolan Smith, that's all the endorsement that we need. Speaking of Smith, we're becoming fans as well.

Here's what Sweat said about one of his many new teammates who are former Georgia stars.

"He's working! I mean (he is) a young guy (with) a lot of energy. You know... willing to learn. I mean that's all we can really ask for from him now. He's just coming out every day competing. (He is) just working. That's it."

A simple yet complex statement, but it packs a punch. All we have heard and seen from Nolan hints toward the same thing.

Smith is one of the best athletes to come through the Eagles' organization in a while, and that's saying a lot. With guys like Haason Reddick, Brandon Graham, and Josh Sweat to learn from, Nolan is in prime position to be a prime-time player. He'll take off in this Eagles defense.

We're expecting big things from Josh Sweat too. Despite missing one regular season game because of injury, he tallied 48 tackles, 11 sacks, a forced fumble, and a brilliant pick-six TD off of the arm of Dak Prescott on Christmas Eve. Following the third training camp practice, he gave us a few golden nuggets by way of the microphone.

The author of what might be the best sack celebration of all time hits a couple out of the park again. He went four for four today at the plate with those two homers and a couple of triples.

What's that? Oh yeah... He has the best sack celebration going right now. Come on. You know it's true. What's both as understated and as powerful as a man named 'Sweat' busting his arse to get to the opposing QB and then getting up to wipe the imaginary sweat from his eyebrow. It just hits differently.

Expect to see a few sack celebrations by Number 94 this season and dare we say it? Another trip to the Pro Bowl? He was snubbed last year. You know it. We do too, but hopefully, this season works out the same as the most recent, with our guys missing the Pro Bowl festivities because they'll be playing in a game in Las Vegas. .

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