Kevin Byard returns to Philly, joins his hometown Eagles: Fun facts about the new guy

  • You know Kevin Byard is one of the NFL's best safeties.
  • You know he's now a member of the Eagles roster.
  • Here are a few things that you may not know or may have forgotten,
Kevin Byard, Philadelphia Eagles
Kevin Byard, Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Here are a handful of cool nuggets about new Eagles safety Kevin Byard.

Maybe all it took to get a deal done was for the Tennessee Titans to be involved in the discussion. Honestly, we don't know why they and the New Orleans Saints haven't blocked Howie Roseman's number, but it's always fun to watch the Eagles vice president/general manager fleece them.

Here are some fun facts. Some you may have never heard. Some of them may be a refresher.

1. After being born in Philly, his mother moved to Atlanta where Kevin became a track star.

Byard was born in the City of Brotherly Love on August 17th, 1993. Following his parents' divorce, he moved to Atlanta at the age of 14 with his siblings and mother. He attended Martin Luther King, Jr. High School in Lithonia, Georgia where he played football and ran track.

If you have ever been to the ATL and have seen how the high schools ball out in the south, you, without a shadow of a doubt, know that statement alone means he's a superior talent.

That's one fun fact about the new Eagles star. Here are three more.