Lane Johnson's expected timetable for return to the Eagles lineup isn't favorable

The early diagnosis of Lane Johnson's injury and his potential timetable for return to the Eagles lineup has us sweating bullets.
Lane Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles
Lane Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

Those of you who are huge Lane Johnson fans are well aware of this next statistic. Then again, who are we kidding? We're all Lane Johnson fans, right? Humor us for a second though. We're going somewhere here. As you're very well aware, he suffered an injury early during the Philadelphia Eagles' most recent loss, their first of the season. The right side offensive line suffered in his absence.

Jack Driscoll allowed seven pressures. Sua Opeta allowed five of them (remember, Cam Jurgens is injured too. That second Jalen Hurts interception? Jermain Johnson beat Driscoll, made contact with Jalen, and altered the pass by making contact.

Might Lane have kept Jermaine Johnson off of his quarterback in that situation? Truly we'll never know, but we do know is Philly is better WITH Lane than they are WITHOUT him. He hasn’t allowed a sack since Week 11 of the 2020 season. Unfortunately, however, there may be bad news. The Eagles could be without the game's top right tackle for a while.

Per report, Lane Johnson may have suffered a high-ankle sprain.

As expected, Nick Sirianni was asked about Lane Johnson's injury during his post-game press conference. As expected, Nick told us we'd get more information later. Thank Heaven for Jeff McLane.

He reports that Lane Johnson is expected to have possibly suffered a high-ankle sprain. Check out the details below.

A month without our prized right tackle? If this is indeed an accurate diagnosis, Lane could miss, at minimum, Philly's coming games versus the Miami Dolphins, the Washington Commanders, and the Dallas Cowboys. The Eagles have a bye in Week 10.

After that, the Birds face a gauntlet from Week 11 to Week 15. There are two guys this Eagles team can ill-afford to lose. One is Jalen Hurts. The other is Lane Johnson. Philadelphia is 84-48-1 with the latter in the lineup. They are 13-22 in his absence.