Lane Johnson's legendary Eagles streak ends in prime time on Sunday Night Football

Lane Johnson's legendary streak of games played in an Eagles jersey without giving up a sack has ended. Here's a tip of the cap as we reset the ticker.
Lane Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles
Lane Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Well... As they say, all good things must come to an end. Lane Johnson's Philadelphia Eagles career has come with its fair share of controversy. There have been suspensions (more on that later) and Pro Bowl nominations, but when the smoke clears and the dust settles, here's Number 65's legacy.

Philly was always better with him on the field than they were without him. He also got better post-suspensions and went a long time without giving up a sack.

If you haven't heard. Lane's legendary streak of games played without giving up a sack has ended. Jaelan Phillips QB takedown of Jalen Hurts at the end of the first half of the Eagles' Week 7 game versus the Miami Dolphins resets the ticker.

Johnson hadn't given up a sack since Week 11 of the 2020 season.

Lane Johnson has nothing to worry about. His legacy with the Eagles is all but secure.

So, what's been Lane Johnson's legacy up to this point? We'd say it's pretty secure! Perhaps Jason Kelce put it best during the greatest speech in the history of Super Bowl victory parades.

Lane's story, unfortunately, will always carry a narrative that he, at times, couldn't "lay off the juice". Hell, we could argue that there was some confusion about a player's app and his second suspension. Still, time has passed, and he has cleared his name. Here's something else to consider.

Time has passed. Lane's missteps have long been placed in our rearview mirrors. Say what you will. Regardless of what side you're on in that discussion, it's hard to deny that he's better now than he has ever been..

As far as the sack is concerned, slice and dice that one however you like. We see it this way. Lane injured his ankle in Week 6 versus the New York Jets. Maybe that had to do with the rare occurrence we bore witness to in Week 7.

Monday we were discussing the possibility of him being out for the minimum of a month. He was on the field seven days later to play a game versus the Miami Dolphins.

As far as we're concerned, if that's how the streak ends, we'll take it. Lane's stil our guy. Heck, we'd be willing to bet it will be a while before he gives up another.