Lane Johnson's thoughts on Super Bowl loss and other highlights from his recent mini-media tour

Lane Johnson isn't just one of the NFL's best offensive lineman. The Philadelphia Eagles star is also an entertaining personality, one the media can't get enough of.
Lane Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles
Lane Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Those of you who follow Inside The Iggles have read this or have heard us say this before, but repeating this never gets old. The Philadelphia Eagles are loaded with a roster full of characters who have character. If these guys didn't play football, we'd probably be cheering for them anyway.

The CEO/chairman, Jeffrey Lurie, is a champion in the war against autism. The quarterback is a role model and inspiration to so many. Then, there are guys like Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson. The former has taken the world of podcasting by storm. The latter doesn't host any podcasts per se, but he may want to think about it. Every time we see him guest on anything, we find ourselves stopping in our tracks to turn the volume up and see what the two-time First-team All-Pro / four-time Pro Bowler has to say.

While it feels like it has been forever since it happened, the Eagles Super Bowl loss was a little under five months ago. What has Lane been up to? We're glad you asked.

Recently, he hung out on Sports Take with Derrick Gunn and Rob Ellis on the JAKIB Sports platform to discuss, among other things, that Super Bowl loss. His thoughts and the full interview can be found below.

"We were four points away from winning it. And, I can tell you man, as far as the offseason goes, we didn't have any celebration days like (the Kansas City Chiefs) did, but I realized you're back to work very shortly. The season is fresh upon you after that game. Yeah man... It did hurt, but looking at the big picture of things, we have a great opportunity to be back in the mix again, to have a great team again. And, then you realize, when you're in it, how special it is and how critical it is, so what a great reminder (it is) to learn from. I can say that. Learn from your mistakes... Throughout each game, we had a dominant offense, a dominant team... Sometimes you come up short. That's why the Super Bowl is what it is, the grand finale."

Sports Take was the most recent stop on Lane Johnson's media tour, but the Eagles legend has made a few other appearances as well.

Poll most Eagles enthusiasts, and you'll learn that FOX Sports mainstay Colin Cowherd probably isn't in their rotation of on-air personalities that they listen to daily. He has drawn the ire of Birds fans from time to time, but he's normally worth a listen.

Though he never suited up for the Philadelphia Eagles, Richard Sherman has always been someone that we have kept a watchful eye on. His personality always demonstrated he'd be a natural for television, and he's now a co-host on Amazon Prime Video's Thursday Night Football broadcast.

The Volume fuels his podcast. It's always entertaining to watch. Recently, he featured Number 65. The highlight of that discussion involved Lane's thoughts on the toughest matchups he has faced in the NFL, but other nuggets came out of that one as well. The full interview is below.

No one's asking Lane to hang the cleats up, but with a decade of football behind him, it's easy to ask 'What's next?'. He has a couple of solid years left in the tank, but when he does finally call it a career, he may have already found an easy transition in terms of his next endeavor. He has always been box office material, but he's clearly a natural for television as well.

"I feel like I'm at a point where I want to reach my full potential. I feel like I'm very close. I'm really enjoying my last, my later half of my career (more than) I did earlier". That says it all truthfully. It's the second half of his career that has earned him a Pro Football Hall of Fame argument.

Watching Lane Johnson's story has been fun. He is both flawed and flawless. He's fun-loving and serious, He's about as witty as they come. That's just part of his tale though.

He has become an inspiration, one who has used his platform to discuss the challenges he has had with depression. Every week. he uses his social media platforms to inspire others and share inspirational quotes that support mental health awareness. The 2023-2024 NFL season will be his 11th at football's highest level. Expect him to continue adding to an already stellar resume.

Who knows? Maybe this time around things will end with a second Super Bowl victory for himself and the Eagles organization. You can best believe that you won't hear any objections from this direction if that's how things turn out.

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