Longtime Eagles insider adds steam to the Saquon Barkley acquisition rumors

Saquon Barkley, Philadelphia Eagles free agency
Saquon Barkley, Philadelphia Eagles free agency / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

It must be March. Things are 'maddening' in college basketball. The Phillies are back, and even though we want to believe in the 76ers, something in us won't let us buy in... Maybe that's common sense talking to us. Then. there's our favorite game... football... and our favorite team... the Philadelphia Eagles. We're just days away from the new league year, and rumors of trades and acquisitions are everywhere.

Take the lines that keep being drawn between Philly and former Penn State star Saquon Barkley for instance. Sure, this isn't the first time we have heard people say they'd love to see him trade New York Giants blue for Eagles green. Somehow, however, these latest rumors seem more intriguing.

Don't look now. A guy who's been covering the Eagles longer than most of you have been alive is throwing fuel on the rumor mill's fire.

Howard Eskin believes an Eagles acquisition of Saquon Barkley is totally possible.

Say what you will about Howard Eskin. Some can do without him. Others love him (we fall in that category). The long and short of everything is this. Howard has seen more Eagles football than most of you reading this, and his name is one you can throw on a list that includes the likes of Les Bowen, John McMullen, Reuben Frank, and Merrill Reese.

They know this team backward and forward, and even if you disagree with what they say, you'd be wise to give them a listen.

Howard is hearing the Barkley rumors have credence. Here's some of what he said during his chat with 94 WIP-FM's Morning Show.

"I didn't believe it, but I checked it and they do have interest in Saquon Barkley, and I'm saying wait a minute, you can't pay a running that kind of money. I think they're trying to work on something that would not be fully guaranteed. He's not going to get—a ton of money."

Whether that would work or not is up for discussion, but while we toss ideas about that back and forth, keep something else in mind. NY Post Reporter Ryan Dunleavy believes the interest is indeed mutual.

Barkley has had his injury concerns, but there's no denying he's one of the best in the business at his position whenhe's healthy. He enters year seven having started all of his 74 in-game appearances. That has resulted in 5,211 yards rushing on 1,201 carries, another 2,100 yards on 288 receptions, and 47 total TDs. He has also racked up 114 rushing yards, 77 receiving yards, and two TDs on 25 postseason touches.

While it stands to reason that all of this smoke may not lead us to fire, it most certainly gives us something to discuss. Stay tuned!

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