Matchups and predictions for a pair of Eagles rivals in Week 8 of the 2023 NFL season

  • The Eagles are still on top of the NFC East.
  • The Cowboys are perfect according to themselves.
  • The Commanders can't do anything right.
  • The Giants are in Tyrod Taylor season.
Tyrod Taylor, Xavier McKinney, Darius Slayton, Saquon Barkley, New York Giants
Tyrod Taylor, Xavier McKinney, Darius Slayton, Saquon Barkley, New York Giants / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages
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Seven weeks of the NFL season have elapsed, and the Eagles are atop the NFC

The Philadelphia Eagles got back on track with a big win against the Miami Dolphins in Week 7. It wasn’t a 'big' in the sense that the Dolphins are a division rival. They don't even play in the same conference, so when we say 'big', we're referencing complete domination after a lousy game played in Week 6. The Birds are back on track and remain on the NFC East's throne with a record of 6-1. That also places them atop the NFC. Things are good, you guys.

In Week 7, we also saw the New York Giants make the Washington Commanders’ lives miserable. The latter and Sam Howell are stupid-good at getting sacked. Entering that game, the Giants only had five total sacks on the season, which was the fewest in the NFL. They are now at 11 sacks. Think about that. In one game, they doubled their sack total and limped to a 14-7 win. 

The Dallas Cowboys enjoyed their bye in Week 7, so entering Week 8, the standings look like this.



Philadelphia Eagles


Dallas Cowboys


Washington Commanders


New York Giants


It would be a reach if you found something to complain about with those records. The bad teams are eating each other alive, and the Cowboys are entering the portion of their schedule where they’ll drop a game that initially looked like an easy win.

The Eagles play their second of two games against the Commanders this season on Sunday. Here's a look at the Giants' and the Cowboys' Week 8 games. Let’s get into it.