Matchups, predictions for a pair of NFL games featuring Eagles rivals in Week 3

  • Week 3 of the NFL season is here.
  • The Giants are a laughingstock.
  • Can the Commanders stay frisky against their biggest test?
  • The Cowboys get their shot at Jonathan Gannon.
Sam Howell, Washington Commanders
Sam Howell, Washington Commanders / Jamie Schwaberow/GettyImages
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Cowboys offense versus Cardinals defense

Again, there’s not a whole lot to say here about what the Cowboys have going on. So far, they’ve been beating teams down so much that their offense just has to run the ball until their opponent quits. 

Dak Prescott hasn’t been asked to do much yet. That time will come, and he’ll be crushed under the pressure as always. That won't happen this week though. If he does have to throw the ball, he’s going to be throwing at a depleted and bad Arizona secondary. Advantage Dallas Cowboys.

One thing that’s been popping off the last couple of weeks has been Cardinals' safety Budda Baker being on their injured reserve. How will that affect his trade value? Only time will tell, but his story continues to be one that's intriguing.

The most important story here is Arizona is going to choke this game away if they find themselves with a lead because that’s what Gannon does when he’s in State Farm Stadium. The bad news if you're a Cards fan is, as you know, that's Zona's home field.

Prediction: Cowboys -12.5

The Cardinals have won six of their last seven games versus the Cowboys. There’s not a chance of them winning this one or staying competitive.

The Cowboys are playing good football in September. It sucks right now, but that's what they do. Just remember that when they need to be at their best, they’ll struggle down the stretch.

Dallas sucks, you guys. You know that, but it's doubtful they'll struggles this week.

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