Matchups and predictions for every Eagles rival in Week 2 of the NFL season

  • Week 2 of the NFL season is underway.
  • The Eagles are the top dogs in the NFC East for now.
  • That can change if one of their rivals wins.
  • Can two foes shake off shaky starts?
Brian Daboll, New York Giants
Brian Daboll, New York Giants / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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The Eagles are currently in 1st place in the NFC East, but are their NFC East rivals going to change that?

The Philadelphia Eagles don't have to play their next game until Monday, September 25th in Week 3, Between now and then, each of their rivals the NFC East will have played twice. The Birds have positioned themselves nicely with consecutive wins to begin their season. They're at the top of the NFC East until their foes play their games on Sunday.

In Week 1, the NFC East didn't do much in the area of proving this is the best division in the NFL as was the case last season, but three of its members secured opening-week wins. The Dallas Cowboys whomped on the New York Giants. The Washington Commanders struggled against the Arizona Cardinals, and of course, there was the Eagles. They beat Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots in Foxborough.

Currently, Philadelphia is in first place in the division, but that's just because their rivals haven't tackled their Week 2 assignments yet. If the Cowboys win, they will retake that first-place position by virtue of the aforementioned divisional win over the Giants in Week 1. They take on the New York Jets.

We know we don’t want to overreact to anything we saw in Week 1, but you know what’s fun? Overreacting... So, we’re going to do that… within reason of course. Here's what we're looking at for the NFC East's games in Week 2.