Matt Patricia to call Eagles defensive plays vs Seahawks on Monday Night Football

The Eagles have made a change in their defensive coaching staff.
Matt Patricia, Philadelphia Eagles
Matt Patricia, Philadelphia Eagles / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages

The winds of change have blown through the City of Brotherly Love and the Pacific Northwest. If you aren't sitting down you should be. The Philadelphia Eagles, after struggling defensively in Week 13 and Week 14, have made a major announcement.

According to multiple sources, including FOX's Jay Glazer, Philly has changed its defensive coaching ranks. Glazer reports Sean Desai will shift to another position while Matt Patricia will take over in the defensive coordinator role, but it appears Sean Desai will maintain the title.

Some might classify the Eagles' recent decision as 'risky'.

While the Eagles defense has struggled during Philly's past two games, making a significant change like this with four games remaining is risky, Some might state, that this will be remembered as a genius transition if it works, but there are two other arguments to consider.

First, what if this doesn't work? How do you go back to Desai at that point? Second, if it does work, it paints the picture that Sean Desai is the scapegoat. Both reactions cause issues, and you know that if you have spent any time around a football team.

So, much for what Nick Sirianni told us earlier this week, huh?

Let's talk about the short term.

Desai remains a member of the staff but is now working in a different capacity. He will sit in the coaching both on Monday Night Football, but as of right now, Patricia runs the defense and calls the plays.

Buckle up. At the time of this story's release, we're more than 24 hours from game time, but we have much to talk about until kickoff.

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