Mekhi Becton and Devin White will author Eagles bounceback stories this season

Two former first-rounders land on the Eagles roster. We're thinking their bounceback seasons are loading.
Philadelphia Eagles
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There's something about being drafted in Round 1. Heck... It's never happened to us, but we've heard stories. It's a label that follows its recipient forever. The theory is when guys are taken that high, they're expected to be stars... make Pro Bowls... hopefully become part of a core unit that leads its team to a Super Bowl. The Philadelphia Eagles and each of the other 32 NFL teams know that well, but they also are aware of the potential busts.

The 'bust' label is kind of like that book we all read in high school, The Scarlet Letter. It represents failure. It's a mark that its owner carries with him forever.

We've watched enough football to see Philly's first-round successes (Fletcher Cox, Lane Johnson, Brandon Graham). We have seen busts (Marcus Smith, Jerome McDougle, Jalen Reagor, and Danny Watkins). We have seen a few guys land in the 'I don't know' category like Nelson Agholor (he did help the team win a Super Bowl). There's an unknown on the current Eagles roster, Nolan Smith.

Philly stacked the deck even higher during the most recent offseason by acquiring two former top-15 draftees. One is an offensive lineman once taken 11th overall (Mekhi Becton). The other is a former top-five selection added to upgrade the linebacker corps (hopefully). Perhaps you have heard of him. His name is Devin White.

Count on bounceback seasons from two Eagles who look to benefit from a change of scenery.

Yep. There's something about being drafted in Round 1. There's also something about failure. The former, as mentioned, can be a badge of honor, a testament to the hard work the draftee put in to achieve such. The latter is a humbling experience. White and Becton have seen both sides of the spectrum.

White was taken in Round 1 of the 2019 NFL Draft as the fifth player taken. He rose as high as being one of the best players on the field during a Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl victory over the Kansas City Chiefs (LV). At his lowest point, he was benched during Tampa's most recent playoff win (one that was oddly enough played versus the Eagles).

Then, there's Becton. he was taken in 2011 to upgrade the Jets O-line. He and his former Jets teammate Bryce Huff join each other again in Philly.

Can you believe Bryce Huff went undrafted in 2020?

As ESPN's Tim McManus's recent story on Becton states, his position coach, Jeff Stoutland, is a fan of the former Louisville Cardinal. The praise has been high. The praise has come often.

"I'm really impressed with his football IQ, his intelligence, his versatility, I didn't realize he was able to play other positions. That in itself, just to have that swing value, and the willingness to want to do it... He's a fun guy to coach. He loves football."

Those were Stout's words during a recent presser. Becton weighs 363 pounds and stands at six-foot-seven. The sky is the limit while learning under the NFL's best O-line coach. We expect the change of scenery will do him some good.

Hey, there's nothing like receiving a second chance, right?

“I don’t know if I needed a change of scenery, but I feel like it was definitely good, a breath of fresh air to be able to start over and work my way from the ground up. There’s nothing like a life-humbling experience." Those words came from Devin White. It sounds like he agrees with us, right?

Perhaps L.L. Cool J said it best. 'Don't call it a comeback! A pair of bouncebacks are loading, and we expect that they'll be lovely.

Both have to win starting jobs first though.

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