Might nepotism play a role in the Eagles draft strategy after the 2024 NFL Combine?

The Eagles met with Jeremiah Trotter during the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine which, of course, made us think about 'Senior'.

Jeremiah Trotter, Philadelphia Eagles
Jeremiah Trotter, Philadelphia Eagles / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Whenever we reach this juncture of the calendar year, there are always a few stories that cross our minds whether they be related to the NFL Combine, the NFL Draft, or pro football's free agancy period. Call us football junkies (or nerds). The Philadelphia Eagles have given us a lot to talk about over the years.

Take Jeremiah Trotter Sr. for instance. Once upon a time, he was drafted by Philly during Round 3 of the 1998 NFL Draft. Once his number came up for free agency, the Eagles attempted to franchise him. That led to one of the ugliest (and scariest) standoffs between a player and front-office members in the franchise's history.

'Trot' left and played for Washington for two seasons before returning in 2004 and playing in the City of Brotherly Love for three more. All is forgiven now. He enjoyed three stints with the Eagles. His final closed his NFL career in 2009. Almost 15 years later, here we are, back in Indianapolis, and Philly recently met with a young man who owns a familiar name.

The Eagles meet with Jeremiah Trotter Jr. during the 2024 NFL Combine.

Well, you had to know this was coming. The Eagles are in Indy. Reports surface every few hours of young prospects they have met with, but here's an intriguing one. According to several sources, one of which being NBC Sports Philadelphia's Dave Zangaro, the former Clemson star, Jeremiah Trotter Jr. met with Philadelphia earlier during the week's proceedings.

Zangaro reports that Jr. "described himself as having an old-school mindset with a new-school body at LB." We haven't heard that stated often, but we like how it sounds. We'd love to have a guy like that on the Eagles roster.

So, how likely is it that Philly might draft Trotter? It could seemingly happen. Some scouts have given him Day two or third-round grades or both. That makes the scanario seem more likely. Philly hasn't taken a linebacker in Round 1 since 1979.

Jeremiah Trotter Jr. collected 192 tackles during 31 college football games that spanned three NCAA seasons. 29.5 of those resulted in a loss of yardage. He also racked up 13 sacks, four interceptions, ten pass breakups, three forced fumbles, and two defensive TDs.

While that may are may not translate to the professional level, it's worth making note of. Something tells us he'd elevate the Eagles depth chart the day he walks into the NovaCare Complex.

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