New Eagles jersey numbers are announced as Philadelphia approaches Week 1 opener

Week 1 of the Eagles season approaches. A few young guys ditch summertime numbers for a new look while some of the new faces welcome a fresh start.
Fred Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles
Fred Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles / Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

If you have been paying attention, you're well aware that NFL stars are no longer beholden to a stricter selection of jersey numbers that are determined by the positions they play. Some Philadelphia Eagles fans don't like that. Others do. We agree with the latter contingent. It gives the pro game an NCAA feel.

It appears that some of the Birds like the freedom as well. DeVonta Smith was able to maintain the number 6 as he transitioned from collegiate standout to professional. Darius Slay and Nolan Smith went with numbers 2 and 3 respectively. We have even seen D'Andre Swift adopt the number 0.

Numbers won't help players perform better. At least one would think it wouldn't, but there was that time a returning Michael Jordan ditched 45 and threw the number 23 back on. Oh well. Maybe it's a psychological thing.

We also know that some guys take certain numbers because it has some personal significance. You get the idea. Players like to look good as much as they like to play well, and admittedly, we like to rock the numbers of the stars we cheer for.

Yes friends... We're talking about jersey numbers. Both new and familiar faces are switching things up.

The Eagles reveal new jersey numbers as the roster begins to take shape.

Just in case you're keeping score (or doing some shopping for those new kelly green jerseys), here are the numbers some of the new guys will be wearing.

1. Tanner McKee drops No. 10 and will now rock No. 19.

Tanner McKee, Philadelphia Eagles
Tanner McKee, Philadelphia Eagles / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe it's just us, but we haven't enjoyed watching anyone wear the Number 10 jersey after DeSean Jackson did it. If Tanner McKee is the QB2 of the future, he'll be doing so in the number 19 ensemble.

May the force be with him.

2. Kelee Ringo ditches No. 37 and will now wear No. 22.

Kelee Ringo, Philadelphia Eagles
Kelee Ringo, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

It wasn't a big deal, but 37 looks a little strange on anyone. Maybe it's just us. Kelee Ringo will now wear the number 22, made famous by Eagles legends like Duce Staley, Asante Samuel, Timmy Brown, and Brenard Wilson.

Do that number proud Kelee! You officially have big shoes to fill!

3. Fred Johnson shed the No. 50 jersey and will now wear No. 74.

Fred Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles
Fred Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Now, that's more like it. If you're old school, you're used to seeing numbers like '50' on linebackers. Maybe Fred Johnson was thinking the same thing, but he switches things up and will now rock the number 74.

He has been fun to watch. Let's hope he has a place here for a long time and plays well.

Other notable changes were as follows: Le"Raven Clark is back as he rejoins the practice squad! He'll be wearing the number 73 jersey. Two more faces join him there, defensive tackle Thomas Booker and cornerback Tiawan Mullen. They will wear numbers 59 and 33 respectively. Philly's new tight end,
Albert Okwuegbunam a.k.a. 'Albert O.' takes ownership of the Number 85 jersey.

The latter was introduced to select members of the Philly media on Thursday.

Week 1 of the regular season approaches. The Eagles have a date with the New England Patriots on September 10th at 4:25 p.m. EST.

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