NFL fans are seemingly disinterested in an Eagles rival's sudden spotlight

One of the Eagles' chief rivals will be featured on HBO's Hard Knocks. Let's just say the announcement hasn't generated much of a buzz.
Philadelphia Eagles
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Occasionally, we all can be petty and unearth buried conversations. We'll take our shot here. We're kind of feeling like it's our turn. Ahead of the 2022 NFL regular season, the New York Giants, led by their new head coach Brian Daboll, were predicted to finish third in the NFC East behind the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys. That's exactly what happened. Somehow, it was believed he deserved postseason recognition for this.

Big Blue finished with a 9-7-1 record which, though average, was good enough to earn them a postseason berth. The Eagles, meanwhile, won the division.

Nick Sirianni, deserving of the NFL's Coach of the Year trophy, was snubbed as it was determined the coach who led his team to a third-place finish was more deserving of the honor. Sure, all of this is old news, but we still have a problem with that.

One of Philly's biggest rivals will be featured on Hard Knocks, and much of the NFL universe is disinterested.

Snubs happen in the NFL. We get it. We also know some teams benefit from playing in larger markets or because of the brand they have built for themselves. Here's our point. Had Brian Daboll not been the New York Giants head coach and had he stacked the same 9-7-1 record with, say, Charlotte's Carolina Panthers, we wouldn't be discussing him as a former NFL Head Coach of the Year.

These days, it's a tough ask to find an NFL team that wants to be featured on HBO's Hard Knocks series. Big Blue's media market probably had something to do with the Giants being one of the options (and, even if it didn't, we're certain that didn't hurt them).

The first episode of the five-part series debuts on Tuesday, July 2 at 9:00 p.m. EST and will be available to stream on HBO Max with new episodes debuting every Tuesday that follows through July 30. Let's just say much of the feedback has been negative.

As mentioned, Hard Knocks has had a tough time finding willing team participants, but a team that finished with a 6-11 record last season doesn't seem to be moving the needle either.

SB Nation's Big Blue View reports that only 26% of respondents plan to tune in next month. Now, if we're being honest, that could be the result of HBO's original series losing its steam in recent years (it has become tiring), but ask yourselves a question. Wouldn't there be more interest if the Eagles were involved?

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