NFL standings ordered by points per game: Eagles and their Week 7 opponent impress

Just for kicks, we stacked NFL teams from top to bottom based on average points scored per game. The Eagles landed in the top five, but unsurprisingly, so did this week's opponent.
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Eagles hope to bounce back in Week 7. The offense hasn't looked as impressive as it had last season, but the data states they're chugging along

We love numbers. Heaven knows that we do. That's why we pay the premium fees to access Pro Football Focus's sophisticated statistical engine. That's why we work part-time hours to tweak those Fantasy rosters. That's why we obsess over Madden ratings. It's a different football world we're living in these days.

Next Gen Stats gives us countless metrics with which we can measure and evaluate team success. Once upon a time, we only tracked sacks, and if you ever listened to your grandfather talk about the NFL he was raised watching, you'll learn that there was a time when we didn't even do that...

But, now, we have pressure rates and QB knockdown counts to evaluate.

If that's too much for you (Trust us. We wouldn't blame you if it was). do what we do. Count the wins and losses. Watch those top-25 shows if you're a college football nut. Check out the final score when the games have concluded.

Entering Week 7, we looked at the standings and dug a little deeper. How many points are these teams scoring? That's what we asked ourselves. We took a look at ESPN stats. We noticed Philly's next opponent sits at the top of the list.

NFL Week 7 standings ordered by points per game

Though exploding for a 70-point total versus the Denver Broncos may inflate the Miami Dolphins' points-per-game total to some degree. No one can deny that they're capable of lighting up scoreboards at home and on the road.

They sit atop the the AFC East with a 5-1 record, and if we rank every NFL team based on how many points they score per contest, the Fins sit atop that list as well.

1. Miami Dolphins - 37.2
2. San Francisco 49ers - 30.7
3. Buffalo Bills - 28.8
4. Detroit Tigers - 28.0
5. Philadelphia Eagles - 25.8
6. Dallas Cowboys - 25.7
7. LA Chargers - 25.4
8. Seattle Seahawks - 24.8
9. Kansas City Chiefs - 24.5
10. Jacksonville Jaguars - 23.7
11. Indianapolis Colts - 23.3
12. LA Rams - 23.0
13. Green Bay Packers- 22.6
14. Houston Texans- 22.5
15. Baltimore Ravens - 22.2
15. Washington Commanders - 22.2
17. Denver Broncos - 21.5
17. Minnesota Vikings - 21.5
19. Chicago Bears - 21.3
20. Arizona Cardinals - 19.5
21. Cleveland Browns- 19.0
22. NY Jets - 18.8
23. Carolina Panthers -18.7
24. New Orleans Saints- 18.2
25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -18.0
26. Tennessee Titans - 17.3
27. Cincinnati Bengals -16.7
27. Las Vegas Raiders -16.7
29. Atlanta Falcons -16.5
30. Pittsburgh Steelers -15.8
31. New England Patriots -12.0
32. NY Giants -11.8

Though the Philadelphia Eagles can endure long stretches of inactivity when they're scrimmaging on offense, they're still a top-five team in points-per-game as you can see above.

They'll need to bring their A-game in Week 7. Sean Desai's defense will need to bring the heat because here's where we stand. We'd hate to see the Fins ruin 'Leyy Green Night'.

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