While NFL teams struggle with managing RBs, the Eagles have delivered a masterclass

With all of the commotion going on around the NFL pertaining to how running backs are valued by teams, we decided to check in on how the Philadelphia Eagles running back room is looking.

Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles
Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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Rashaad Penny - $1.4 million

Penny’s received the same criticisms as Swift for being ‘injury prone.’ Unfortunately for Penny, this claim actually has some ground to stand on. In his five seasons in the NFL, he has never played a full season. These haven’t just been some rinky-dink injuries either. He’s had a knee strain, an ACL, another knee strain, a calf strain, a hammy, and most recently, a broken tibia.  

But when he’s healthy? Hooooo buddy. Penny’s just about as efficient of a running back in the NFL as there is. He’s a big ol’ bowling ball that smashes and bounces off people and gets mondo yards. 

There’s a valid thought that Rashaad could stay healthy this year. He was a workhorse when he played for the Seattle Seahawks, and that’s hopefully not going to be the situation here. The Eagles have a lot of depth at the position. If they use him more sparingly and as the bruiser that he is instead of an every-down running back, they may be able to limit the tread they wear off of his tires.

Also, he leads the NFL at a staggering 4.6 yards after contact. Are you kidding me Rashaad? And that’s behind the Seahawks offensive line, an offensive line that is notedly unspectacular. Imagine what he’s going to be able to do behind the Eagles’ offensive line, an offensive line that is notedly spectacular. Your giddiness is valid. On top of all that, the $1.4 million that he makes is chump change.