While NFL teams struggle with managing RBs, the Eagles have delivered a masterclass

With all of the commotion going on around the NFL pertaining to how running backs are valued by teams, we decided to check in on how the Philadelphia Eagles running back room is looking.
Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles
Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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Boston Scott - $2 million

Our Small King is here for two reasons: to return kicks sometimes and to make the lives of the Giants’ players, the Giants’ fans, and the Giants’ fans’ family members a living hell. And man… does he do a great job of that second part.

Outside of the Giants games where he turns into Marshall Faulk, BoSco is very good at being consistent. Earlier in his career, he was a threat as a receiving back, but that’s been dialed back recently. Now, he’s good for solid depth and a handful of drives where might be able to grab a first down in a pinch. 

Great news on the money front too. Our boi. Our Small King. Our Giant Killer… $2 million. You can’t help but be happy for the guy. You love to see it.

Trey Sermon - $1.1 million

We’ve seen Trey carry the ball twice on the Eagles' offense. It happened in the Eagles’ Week 4 match-up against the Jacksonville Jaguars last season. He logged 19 yards. So that’s nice. Also, "THE MINISTER. PREACH" is a phenomenal call. So that's nice too.

If you think about Sermon in this way, his presence on the team makes a little bit of sense: The Eagles grabbed him off of waivers on September 1st of 2022. He’s been with the team since then. The Eagles have certainly had opportunities to drop him to make space on the roster or to pick up a new depth guy, but they haven’t. It’s easy to deduce that that means they like him or at least that they see potential in him. And for a measly $1.1 million, why not keep him around?

That's a grand total of $7.2 million that the Eagles are paying for an entire running back room consisting of five guys. Do you remember that number for Miles Sanders? It's also $7.2 million. This is a masterclass in roster construction by Howie.

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