NFL Week 10 schedule: Matchups and predictions for every Eagles divisional rival

  • The Eagles are idle.
  • The Cowboys are choke artists.
  • The Commanders have themselves a QB.
  • The Giants have Tommy DeVito.
Tommy DeVito, New York Giants
Tommy DeVito, New York Giants / Ian Maule/GettyImages
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Eagles fans are allowed some stress-free football on Sunday.

There’s nothing better than watching RedZone for eight hours on a bye week, so it’d be cool to have a good slate of games this Sunday. That’s not the case here.

The day starts with a snoozer in Germany with the Indianapolis Colts and the Patriots, and it ends with the New York Jets and the Raiders. 

Two games interest us: The matchups featuring NFC East teams. We’re going to see the rematch of the Cowboys and Giants and the Commanders traveling to the Seattle Seahawks. Let’s see what we have going on with these two games.

FOX. 5-3. 4:25 p.m. EST. 2-7. 31. Cowboys -17.5. Sunday, November 12th. Giants Cowboys Week 10. 123

The Dallas Cowboys vs. the New York Giants

The first matchup between these two rivals was 10 weeks ago and you’d do yourself well to forget what you witnessed. Yes, these two have ‘played’ before. Yes, that ended with a 40-0 Cowboys win on Sunday Night Football. It was a truly disgusting game to watch. 

Since that night, however, the Giants have only gotten worse. The Cowboys have remained just about as good as they were in the season opener. Round 2 approaches. This game is going to be mind-numbing, so we’ll cover this one quickly and move on.