NFL Week 10 schedule: Matchups and predictions for every Eagles divisional rival

  • The Eagles are idle.
  • The Cowboys are choke artists.
  • The Commanders have themselves a QB.
  • The Giants have Tommy DeVito.
Tommy DeVito, New York Giants
Tommy DeVito, New York Giants / Ian Maule/GettyImages
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Giants offense vs. Cowboys defense

The Giants $16 million quarterback Daniel Jones tore his ACL last week, so he’s done for the season. They’re going to throw Tommy Devito back out there as their starting quarterback this week. 

That’s mean.

This feels like the Giants’ front office and coaching staff are bullying their fans. Devito is bad, and he isn't going to improve.

He can’t throw the ball. There isn't anyone on the roster that can catch the ball. This isn’t an offense. It’s 11 guys who are being cruelly and unusually punished.

They have to go out on a field with no hope of success, line up against professional athletes, and get thrown out of the club. It’s gross. 

The Cowboys' defense is going to ‘get back on the right track’ here. They didn’t do a whole lot to stop the Eagles in Week 9, but now they get to be a lion hunting a legless antelope.

Dallas didn’t force any turnovers last week versus the Birds. Something tells us they’ll force three or more this game.

Prediction: Cowboys -17

17 points is a lot of points, but there is no reason to think the Cowboys can’t win by that much.

The line would have to be around 24 points to make anyone even think about taking the Giants. This is the kind of game that the Cowboys win.

They destroy bad teams and choke away games when they play good teams. By the way, tickets to this game can be found for as low as $16. That’s pathetic as well.