NFL Week 10 schedule: Matchups and predictions for every Eagles divisional rival

  • The Eagles are idle.
  • The Cowboys are choke artists.
  • The Commanders have themselves a QB.
  • The Giants have Tommy DeVito.
Tommy DeVito, New York Giants
Tommy DeVito, New York Giants / Ian Maule/GettyImages
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4-5. 58. FOX. 5-3. Seahawks -5.5. 4:25 p.m. EST. Sunday, November 12th. Commanders Seahawks Week 10. 36

The Seattle Seahawks vs. the Washington Commanders

Now this one is actually interesting. The Commanders have developed some semblance of consistency ahead of this game. The Seattle Seahawks just had their doors blown off by the Baltimore Ravens last week. 

As far as the rooting guide goes, we want the Commanders to win this game. Yes... Yes... We know... But, they’re no longer a threat to the Eagles in the NFC East, and a win would hurt the Seahawks’ chances for the number one seed in the NFC.

This will also affect the Commanders’ positioning in the first round of the coming NFL Draft. All good things happen with a Washington win here. 

Seahawks offense vs. Commanders defense

The Seahawks offense looks a lot better than it feels. Geno Smith isn't a bad quarterback, Tyler Lockett and D.K. Metcalf are capable wide receivers. Kenneth Walker is a very good running back. 

Then you look at their offensive stats.

The Hawks are in the bottom half of the league in total rushing yards, rushing yards per game, passing yards, passing yards per game, total yards, total yards per game, total points, and total points per game. 

With all the hype that they’ve been getting, you’d think that they’d be better than that. You can’t be a legitimate threat to win the NFC West and be ruthlessly middle of the pack, right? That division feels like it should be better than that. 

The Seahawks' statistics might not necessarily matter here though. Teams can typically juice their offensive stats against the Commanders’ defense.

When it comes to throwing the ball, Geno should be able to cook a terrible secondary. Metcalf is bigger than A.J. Brown, and if the Commanders put Emmanuel Forbes on him like they did Brown, it’s going to be certified assault. 

In the Commanders’ first game without Montez Sweat and Chase Young, they had a subjectively good outing versus the New England Patriots. They held Mac Jones to under 250 passing yards.

Then again, Jones was also playing without any real wide receivers. Hell, Jalen Reagor was targeted six times. 

That will come back down to Earth this weekend, purely because the Seahawks' offense is much, MUCH more talented than the Patriots’ offense. Like, laughably more talented. The Patriots leading receiver was Demario Douglas. He produced 55 yards.