NFL Week 11 Schedule: Predictions and matchups for the Eagles divisional rivals

  • The Eagles get healthy off the bye.
  • The Cowboys killed the Giants' will to compete.
  • The Commanders got their heart ripped out... again.
  • Brian Daboll wants everyone to suffer.

Brian Daboll, New York Giants
Brian Daboll, New York Giants / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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The Eagles' divisional rivals have their hands full this weekend.

The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off of their bye week, and they’re playing on Monday night. You probably already knew that, right? Here's what that means, if you haven't already figured this out on your own. All roads lead to another entirely stress-free Sunday of watching football. You have to love it.

Last week, we saw the Dallas Cowboys do an Omni-man-style destruction of the New York Giants. Many of Big Blue's players participated in shouting matches with one another on the sidelines as a result. We also saw the Washington Commanders get their hearts ripped out by the Seattle Seahawks via a game-ending field goal. With that being said, the NFC East standings now look like this:











The Eagles’ record still gives them a great buffer over the rest of the division.

It’s great to be king of the division and watch the teams who are trying to usurp the Eagles fight each other. This week, the Commanders and the Giants are going to slap-box with one another, and the Cowboys get another cupcake game against the team with the worst record in the NFL, the Carolina Panthers. Let’s see what’s going on in those games.