NFL Week 11 Schedule: Predictions and matchups for the Eagles divisional rivals

  • The Eagles get healthy off the bye.
  • The Cowboys killed the Giants' will to compete.
  • The Commanders got their heart ripped out... again.
  • Brian Daboll wants everyone to suffer.
Brian Daboll, New York Giants
Brian Daboll, New York Giants / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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Panthers offense vs. Cowboys defense

Again, the NFL average for points per game is 21.8 this season. The Panthers are putting up 17 points per game. They’re also very bad on that side of the ball. Bryce Young doesn’t look good at all. He doesn't just look minuscule compared to everyone else on the field. He isn't throwing the ball very well either.

This team has a -89 point differential. The only two teams that are worse are the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. Those are two teams that have played the Cowboys at least once. There’s a pretty good chance that after this game, the Panthers will have a negative point differential in the triple digits. 

For the Cowboys' defense, it’s going to be a Micah Parsons game, a Daron Bland game, a DeMarcus Lawrence game, a Markquese Bell game… You get it, everyone is going to feast.

Prediction: Cowboys -10.5

We all have a soft spot for Frank Reich, and unfortunately, he’s probably going to get fired after this week. Ahead of this game, he reassumed offensive play-calling duties just a handful of weeks after he gave them up.

It seems like his head coaching career is just circling the drain. This might be his last chance. The Panthers are awful, but that isn't totally his fault.

It’s much easier to dump your head coach than bench your rookie quarterback who you traded up to draft first overall. It sucks that the Cowboys are going to be the team that finishes Frank off, but they will and they’ll do so dominantly.

This game won’t be close. We’ll end up seeing a lot of the Cowboys' offense on RedZone. Slap a Mr. Yuk sticker on this one.

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