NFL Week 13 schedule: Matchups and predictions for the Eagles divisional rivals

  • It's still the Eagles. It's always been the Eagles.
  • The Cowboys still whomp on the weak guys.
  • The Giants won a game?
  • The Commanders hit a new low.
Ron Rivera, Sam Howell, Washington Commanders
Ron Rivera, Sam Howell, Washington Commanders / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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The Eagles are still leading the East, but the division has a new loser.

Another week passes. The NFC East is still in the Philadelphia Eagles stranglehold. That doesn’t mean the division is stagnant though. There has been some pretty impressive movement. There has been a change of the rear guard…

In Week 12, we saw the Dallas Cowboys overwhelm the Washington Commanders by way of a 45-10 Thanksgiving Day shellacking. We also saw the New England Patriots seemingly purposefully miss a field goal to allow the New York Giants a win.

That means… drum roll please… The Washington Commanders are now the last-place team in the NFC East's standings! Here’s how everyone stacks up.











Given how atrocious the Giants have been all year, that change in standings is objectively hilarious. Luckily for Big Blue (and society as a whole), they enjoy their bye this week. That means we only have to look at the Cowboys and the Commanders. Thank goodness for that. Here’s what they have going on in Week 13.

The Dallas Cowboys vs. the Seattle Seahawks

Typically Thursday Night games can be sleep-inducing because short-week schedules teams are out on. That might not be the case here. Both of these teams played on Thanksgiving, so they have the benefit of a full week’s rest. Cross your fingers for a competitive prime-time game.