NFL Week 15 Schedule: Matchups and predictions for the Eagles divisional rivals

  • The Cowboys lead the NFC East (for now).
  • The Eagles are struggling.
  • The Giants love their Paisano.
  • The Commanders are 'quiet quitting'.

Tommy DeVito, New York Giants
Tommy DeVito, New York Giants / Mike Stobe/GettyImages
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Four regular season games remain for the Eagles and their NFC East rivals, and all play in Week 15.

Times are dire for the Philadelphia Eagles. After consecutive losses, they have relinquished the NFC's top postseason seed. The Dallas Cowboys are the leaders of the NFC East... for now. Not great...

Some calculus says that the Eagles are maybe the top team in the division. Still, if you have to do calculus, that isn't a great situation to be in.

Regardless of where you stand in that argument, this is what the NFC East's standings look like right now:











There are no more byes, so we get a game with every team in the NFC East in Week 15. Buckle up. The homestretch is upon us. There's only one tea, we care about, but here's a look at three games featuring Philly's rivals in the NFC East.

The Los Angeles Rams vs. the Washington Commanders

It was kind of nice last week when the Commanders were on a bye because no one had to worry about accidentally seeing them on Red Zone. Unfortunately, they’re back this week and they have one hell of a receiving corps to not defend. The L.A. Rams are their opponent.

Prediction: Rams -6.5

Normally, getting a bye week would make you think a team could be competitive when they get back to playing. The Commanders aren’t normal. Their pass defense makes the Eagles' pass defense look like they're fielding All-Pros at every position. 

Saying the Rams are going to ‘beat the brakes’ off of the Commanders would be too kind. L.A. is going to steal the Commanders’ tires, put them on blocks, rip their Catalytic Converter off, and break their windows just for fun.