Nick Sirianni showed his team clips of 49ers talking trash ahead of Eagles Week 13 game

Nick Sirianni, as you'd expect, fired his team up ahead of the Eagles Week 13 bout with the 49ers. He did so exactly how we'd do it.
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

All week, we have been hanging out on 'X', the platform formerly known as Twitter. We've been soaking up everything we could in preparation for the next Philadelphia Eagles game. The disdain for the San Francisco 49ers isn't as intense as it is for the Dallas Cowboys. We will say this however. It's still pretty thick.

We weren't afforded the luxury of being flies on the wall and hearing what Nick Sirianni said to his team in an attempt to fire them up. Thank goodness for the FOX NFL Pregame Show and their insider, Jay Glazer.

Nick Sirianni has a tendency to be slightly petty. Frankly, that's part of the reason why we love him. Guess what? He was telling his team exactly what you'd think he was.

Nick Sirianni showed his Eagles players clips of San Francisco 49ers talking trash about them ahead of Philly's game versus the 49ers.

There's something to be said about social media and all of these outlets we have for information. It appears Nick is using some of it to his advantage. He shared a presentation with his squad ahead of Week 13's game.

We love it Coach! We approve!

We've come along way from taking playful jabs at Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni because he draws parallels between building a football team and caring for household potted plants. Following the hire of seven new head coaches during the 2021 NFL offseason, some labeled Philly's new leader as the worst hire of the bunch while everyone fawned over Brandon Staley. Fast forward to the present. Here's a question.

How's that analysis looking now? If you're a little hazy, here's a roll call.

Staley is on the hot seat and has been unable to elevate Justin Herbert or the L.A. Chargers. Urban Meyer was fired before he reached the end of his first season as the Jacksonville Jaguars head coach. Dan Campbell is solid, but he isn't as good as Sirianni. Arthur Smith and Robert Saleh aren't getting much done. We almost forgot the Houston Texans hired David Culley.

Nick Sirianni has led his Eagles to the playoffs in each of the past two seasons. Last season he led them to within four points of Philly's second Vince Lombardi Trophy. The result of the Week 13 Eagles vs. 49ers game won't crown the NFC's champion, but it will have some bearing on playoff positioning.

Philly is ready. So is San Francisco. We've been waiting to use the word 'slobberknocker' in a sentence. Here it is. This will be a 'slobberknocker'. Kickoff appraches. May the best Eagles win.