Nick Sirianni would be a true Eagles legend if he could have these do-overs

Lately, we have been thinking about what it would be like if Nick Sirianni's coaching era came with a reset button.
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Ask anyone about past errors and bad decisions. They'll typically give you one of two answers about how they view them. Yeah, we're talking about the Philadelphia Eagles, and this may seem like an unusual way to begin a story, but rock with us for a second. We promise you this ends in a really cool parallel.

Some will tell you they wouldn't change a thing about their past, not even the rough stuff. They'll say the past shaped them, even if it was painful. Others will tell you they'd change one or two things if they could.

Both sides, if asked, would wave the magic wand for our Birds. See? That's the tie-in. Who wouldn't rewrite some of the worst memories we have had to carry as fans?

Lately, we have been thinking about do-overs and the Nick Sirianni era as Eagles head coach.

What if we could have hit the reset button in that final game at Veterans Stadium (and the first game at Lincoln Financial Field)? Curse those Tampa Bay Buccaneers! Then again, why stop there?

What if we could play the Bears in 1988 without the fog? What if Randall Cunningham never got hurt three years later in '91?

There's nothing we can do about any of that now, but come on. How many times have you asked similar questions?

Maybe it's this long layoff. Maybe we're bored. Perhaps we're just getting old. But, lately, we have been thinking about missed opportunities and do-overs. That includes a few from Nick Sirianni's era as head coach. Fear not. We won't be discussing his introductory press conference.

What if Philly promoted Dennard Wilson to defensive coordinator?

Anyone who isn't dialed in to how good Dennard Wilson has performed as a coach, simply hasn't been paying attention. We'll just begin with what he did in Philly.

Wilson arrived in the City of Brotherly Love as Coach Sirianni's defensive backs coach in 2021. The passing game coordinator title was added to his job description during the 2022 NFL offseason.

Under his watch during a two-year stretch, Darius Slay earned his first two Pro Bowl nods as a member of Philly's roster. James Bradberry earned his first All-Pro mention as a second-teamer. Two undrafted rookie free agents made the roster (Reed Blankenship and Josh Jobe). Marcus Epps worked his way into a long-term deal, albeit with another team.

C.J. Gardner-Johnson became the NFL's co-leader in interceptions despite missing five regular-season games because of injury. He also won the respect of his players.

It was the desire of some that Wilson would have earned his opportunity to try his hand at being defensive coordinator, Darius Slay included. We'll never know how that turned out, but Wilson departed when the opportunity was given to Sean Desai. We know how that turned out. A year in Baltimore as their DBs coach led to the DC chair in Tennessee, and Philly's defense, more often than not, floundered its way through the 2023 season.

That isn't a coincidence.

Brian Johnson stays as Eagles QBs coach and Philly finds another OC in 2023.

Some guys have to accept who they are. Some guys are great quarterbacks coaches. Those same guys are also mid to low-level offensive coordinators. Who does this sound like that we all are familiar with? If you thought of Brian Johnson, give yourself a hand.

Johnson failed as Eagles OC. Some of that is his fault. Most of it isn't. He was among Philly's scapegoats after the 2023 Eagles season.

Maybe he should have been given more freedom to run his offense. We'll see how he does in Washington. He's now the Commanders' assistant head coach/offensive pass game coordinator.

Kellen Moore is a better OC than Johnson is. At least he is right now. We aren't certain that Doug Nussmeier is a better QBs coach. Time will tell on all fronts.

Drafting Kyle Hamilton over Jordan Davis and Christian Benford over Kyron Johnson in 2022. (Don't get us wrong though. We think Davis will be fine).

Kyle Hamilton has gotten off to a hotter start than Jordan Davis after being taken one spot after the Birds made the UGA star the 13th overall selection in the 2022 NFL Draft. Here's where we contradict ourselves (but only slightly). Hamilton may prove to be the better player long term, but J.D. will also prove to be a wise decision made by Philly.

There's a 'Brandon Graham-Earl Thomas' feel to this.

We understand if you're in the 'Philly should have drafted Kyle Hamilton over Jordan Davis club'. We disagree, but we can understand the thought process. Again, Hamilton has gotten off to a faster start.

No one knows how their respective careers will play out, but it feels like Hamilton would have given Philly's defense a boost that would have, at minimum, given the 2022 and 2023 Eagles some visual pop and another playmaker on the backend.

Speaking of the defensive backfield, the Eagles may have also missed on a talented young cornerback on Day 3 of the 2022 NFL Draft by ignoring Christian Benford to select Kyron Johnson. We all asked the same question. A six-foot-tall, 230-pound pass rusher from Kansas? Really?

It was obvious almost immediately that Johnson wasn't going to stick. He's now with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Meanwhile, Philly may be set to move on from Zech McPhearson and, eventually, Avonte Maddox while Benford is growing into a decent starter for the Buffalo Bills.

Yep! Do-overs!

Fire up the time machine and replay Super Bowl LVII.

Yeah, this one's obvious. Super Bowl LVII looked a lot like Super Bowl LII. Philly got off to a hot start early and led by ten points at halftime. They saw adversity during the second half, but unlike the game that unfolded in February of 2018 versus the Patriots, the Birds never got that big play from their defense versus the Chiefs to help seal things.

In the span of three hours, the 2022-2023 Philadelphia Eagles went from being the greatest Eagles team ever to possibly the most disappointing we had ever seen. What if the Birds' defense gets that second-half stop?

What if Quez Watkins catches the deep ball? What if Jalen Hurts didn't fumble? What if Isaac Seumalo doesn't jump offsides on the play that preceded the fumble? Hell... What if Arryn Siposs knew how to punt and James Bradberry wasn't called for holding?

Should have... Could have... Would have...

Here's what we'll say. This is how we'll end this. If that game could somehow be played five more times (on a field that ISN'T slippery, the Philadelphia Eagles would win the Super Bowl five times!

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