Nolan Smith misses another Eagles practice session ahead of regular-season opener

Nolan Smith sits out of another Eagles practice session, but no one should worry with the first regular-season game on the horizon.
Nolan Smith, Philadelphia Eagles
Nolan Smith, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Before we go any further, let's make one thing perfectly clear. No one should worry. The Philadelphia Eagles appear set to enter the 2023-2024 NFL season relatively healthy. That's what we want. That's what we saw last season. The Birds walked through the campaign and qualified for Super Bowl LVII. Much of the reason for that was they were pretty healthy and didn't sustain any major injuries, with the exception of Derek Barnett's torn ACL of course.

There have been a few hiccups here and there. A few trips to the medical tent. A few guys landed on injured reserve. The second preseason game was really tough to watch, but with Week 1's game versus the New England Patriots on the horizon, most of the news is positve. That brings us to our update on one of the rookies.

Nolan Smith sits out of another Eagles practice but should be ready for the regular season opener (hopefully).

With the cloud of final roster cuts hovering over the Philadelphia Eagles, it has been business as usual at the Novacare Complex. We won't lie. As another week began, we were trying to catch a glimpse of who was at Monday's practice session and who wasn't. Maybe that would give us further clarity of who had made the team and who hadn't.

Nope. That didn't tell us a thing. We still have a few updates to scroll through.

Rookie first-rounder Nolan Smith didn't participate due to a shoulder injury, and he hasn’t practiced since its occurrence during August 17th's tilt versus the Cleveland Browns. He spent the close of that one on the sideline and has since told us that being kept out of the remainder of that one was a precautionary measure, so we'll assume his recent absences from practice are for the same reason.

Shortly after 5 p.m. EST, Philly announced two other roster moves as well.

Greg Ward didn't put any work in on Monday (ankle). Neither did Trey Sermon (ankle). Kyron Johnson is still recovering from his appendectomy, but he got in some work on a side field while Jordan Davis missed the session. He's recovering from an illness.