Obvious areas for beginning the Eagles offseason roster construction

Howie Roseman has done a good job of building the Eagles' roster. Here are a few areas where we'd love to see him hone in.

Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman (pictured)
Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman (pictured) / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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It's time to prioritize drafting an elite linebacker.

The Eagles have always built their team using the "inside-out" model, focusing on the line of scrimmage. The offensive and defensive line have always taken priority before addressing other positions.

There are times when we see more efforts to prioritize the cornerback room. To Philly's credit, they have always made sure they had their franchise-caliber quarterback if possible. We could, however, see stronger efforts in addressing needs at wide receiver, tight end, and safety. Arguments can be made however that the most overlooked position has been linebacker.

With another gone, one where we saw pedestrian play, injuries, and lack of true depth at the position, it is time the general manager finally puts forth the needed effort to improve at the defense's second level.

The short-term and long-term development of the unit's construction must take center stage. Linebackers have become a needed, versatile defensive weapon in today's NFL, and one with combined athleticism, speed, and power would certainly turn this Eagles defense around. They may not need to address that need in Round 1 of the coming NFL Draft, but they should certainly do so early on Day 2.