Off-the-wall Eagles observations with ten training camp practices behind us

Here are a handful of those lesser-mentioned stories from Eagles training camp that we feel aren't earning enough discussion.

Autumn Lockwood, Josh Jobe, Philadelphia Eagles
Autumn Lockwood, Josh Jobe, Philadelphia Eagles / Rob Carr/GettyImages
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Josh Jobe is better than some of the guys that we keep trying to talk onto the Eagles 53-man gameday roster.

There's no way around this. The Eagles have some talented guys playing the cornerback position that are going to be left off of the roster. Simply put, at the time of this story's release, they have 11 on the current 90-man unit, and that number swells to a cool dozen if you include defensive back Tristin McCollum.

Darius Slay, James Bradberry, Avonte Maddox, and Kelee Ringo are going to make the team. If the Birds keep six CBs on the 53-man depth chart come the regular season, which figures to be the case, there are obviously a ton of guys competing for two roster spots.

Some of our more trusted Eagles minds like Zech McPhearson as the backup slot guy. Mekhi Garner and Eli Ricks have their fan clubs, but don't forget about Josh Jobe. He has had a fantastic camp and already has a year of experience after making the roster last season. If he excels in the preseason, watch out.

The words of James Bradberry:

From James' mouth to our ears. We'll take the word of an NFL All-Pro.