One dozen of the most underappreciated Eagles in franchise history

Eric Allen, Philadelphia Eagles
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Clyde Simmons, 1986 -1993

Sometimes, great players get lost in the shuffle when they play alongside other great players. Every Eagles fan knows how great Clyde Simmons was, but historically, he doesn't get the proper amount of respect he deserves.

Simmons ranks second in franchise history with 76 sacks. From 1989 until 1992, no other defensive lineman of that era tallied more than his 55 QB takedowns. He led the NFL in sacks in 1992 (19).

A two-time Pro Bowl nod, Simmons frequently transformed defense into offense. He scored on an interception return. He scored two TDs on fumble returns. He even added two points to the ledger in 1988 by way of a safety.

In 1989, Reggie White gave him the best compliment a man can earn. "I think he deserves more attention than he gets. I think he's just as good as any defensive end in the league."

 Jerome Brown, 1987 - 1991

A franchise legend that left us tragically and too soon, Jerome Brown would have worked in any era of Eagles football. He would have been a top-ten to top-15 draftee in any selection meeting.

It was Brown that made those Eagles defensive lines from 1987 to 1991 dominant. During those five seasons, defensive ends Clyde Simmons and Reggie White benefited tremendously from his ability to collapse the pocket, and as a duo, they racked up 129 sacks. Jerome chipped in as both a run stuffer and pass rusher, tallying 29.5 quarterback takedowns of his own.