Patrick Mahomes adds fuel to the Andy Reid blaze that Eagles fans can't stop discussing

Patrick Mahomes shares his take on that final Chiefs call, one Eagles fans can't stop discussing.
Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles
Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles / Focus On Sport/GettyImages

Another Super Bowl has come and gone. We've placed more distance between the Philadelphia Eagles' loss to the Kansas City Chiefs and our present set of circumstances, but we continue to find reminders, grudgingly so of course.

The most recent NFL season ended with a close overtime battle. The 49ers won the coin toss in overtime, elected to receive, and only came away with a field goal. That set the stage for the typical Patrick Mahomes rally. He led his team down the field and capped off another Super Bowl victory using the same play the Chiefs used twice during their come-from-behind win over the Eagles last year.

Patrick Mahomes adds fuel to the Andy Reid's playcalling fire, a blaze that Eagles fans can't stop discussing.

Earlier in the week, Andy Reid told the media that the reverse motion pass play they love so much was called "Corn Dog" adding, "There's nothing better than a good Corn Dog with some mustard and ketchup."

Wait! What?

The Chiefs ran "Corn Dog" twice against the Eagles in Super Bowl XVII, both in high-pressured situations in the fourth quarter. The first time, Kadarious Toney motioned and got wide-open on the right side, catching an easy TD pass to narrow the margin on the scoreboard. The second time, Skyy Moore was the recipient of the pass as K.C. ran the same play to the opposite side of the formation, further embarrassing the defense and putting the Chiefs ahead on the scoreboard for good.

This year, as has been stated constantly, Reid and Mahomes have a rename and new variation of the lethal play, calling it, "Tom and Jerry". Two guys, the receiver and the blocker take center stage. Mahomes told USA Today the following after the game.

"The motion was the exact same motion that we ran in the Super Bowl last year, and they actually covered it pretty well at first. Then I went back to them, and that's a little risky always. So I was like, ‘Hey, let me make sure it's open’. But obviously coach Reid knows when to call those plays at the right time....We saved it for the right moment."

The Chiefs have publicly explained that they like to use motion to expose the defense's coverage, and considering the Chiefs ran the same play in must-score situations in the Super Bowl last year, the 49ers should have been ready for this play. It seems the overtime rules were not the only thing San Fransisco neglected to prepare for.

However painful it was to be reminded of that time as an Eagles fan, it was joyous to watch the 49ers lose to the Chiefs in the Super Bowl the same way. Maybe this will also convince the Eagles to run a little more motion in their offense.

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