PFF's highest-rated, lowest-graded Eagles from victory over Rams (and those players' season grades)

Here are Pro Football Focus' top-rated and lowest-graded Eagles from Philadelphia's win over the Rams (and a look at how they have performed all season).
Jalen Carter, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Carter, Philadelphia Eagles / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Here's how the Eagles' shining stars performed in Week 5 per PFF (and a look at how Pro Football Focus graded them through five weeks).

They say football is a 12-month business and a week-to-week grind. We'd agree with that. The Philadelphia Eagles' regular season spans 18 weeks and 17 games. Teams that qualify for the postseason battle for the opportunity to earn spots in February's Super Bowl, and as soon as every team is eliminated, they go back to work to try and get better. We won't even discuss the NFL Scouting Combine, the draft, and all of the offseason activities.

It's the games that give us our chance to evaluate how well each of the 32 individual franchises has been handling their business. There isn't much to complain about when it comes to the Birds.

Coaches are making adjustments. Players are making impacts when it matters most, and Pro Football Focus is doing its part to keep those of us who are numbers-obsessed happy with their stat engine.

There's more to player evaluation than PFF grades, but they sure are fun to talk about. Here's a look at the top of worst-performing Eagles of Week 5 per their stat machine, and since the NFL tests its teams and players weekly, we threw in season-long grades as well.